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Do You Like Free Stuff?

Posted By Jocie On August 3, 2012 @ 7:00 am In DIY,The Better Half | 15 Comments

On a personal note, Ethan and I will be heading to Sandal’s Resort in Jamaica tomorrow for a week of family fun! I’ll be taking tons of pictures and will be eager to share all the good details with you when I get back. In the mean time, I have some really cool ladies guest posting next week in my place. Check back through out the week to find out who!

While in Jamaica, Ethan and I will not checking emails or the website, so please don’t be offended if we don’t respond to comments or messages. We will certainly be checking and responding once we get back and and have time to give our little girls lots of love. Kim and Fred will be around, but since they are watching our girls, plus their own boys, they may not have a lot of time or sanity left to be hanging out on the blog. Thanks, Kim and Fred (really Kim, heehee).

Here’s Ethan, me, my sister and bro-in-law on our last adults only vacation…that was before we had kids. See how tan and happy we were hanging out in tropical paradise? I can’t wait!

And here’s the whole family! My grandmother, “Gran” was our wonderful has taken us on these trips and is always the life of the party.

On to some exciting news….

Welcome to all our new readers who have joined us in the past few months. Thanks to all you old readers who have stuck with us! You old readers may have already heard, but did you know you can get free stuff just by visiting our site and commenting on posts? Pretty crazy, right?

It’s called Project Rewards [1]….you know, like One PROJECT Closer. Even though its named after our main OPC site, you can still earn rewards over here at The Better Half. Essentially, it’s a participation system that rewards you with points for visiting our site and leaving [hopefully great] comments on articles. You can spend the points you earn on auctions in our Rewards Center [2], which usually features gift cards, tools, or other home improvement and craft materials. There’s no cost to sign up, no shipping fees on goods, etc. You truly get free stuff just for participating! If you’re ready to start, you can sign up here [3] and start earning rewards today!

Ethan just added some pretty cool stuff to the Project Rewards that you can bid on with the points you have earned on the site. Have you seen it all?!?!?

Like this super cute pink x-acto knife [4]? I love my x-acto blade and use it for making owls [5] and the scrappy frames [6] I just posted on the blog yesterday.

And this matching pink self-healing mat [7]? I have one in blue (not nearly as pretty) and I used it all the time, like for measuring my chevrons [8] for my kitchen redesign or cutting paper with my x-acto blade.

Finally, if you follow us on Facebook you may have seen that we just ordered a bunch of The Better Half shirts! They are super cute, and we gave away a bunch to a few select readers to fancy up (post to follow). Now you can have your own TBH shirt through Project Rewards!

There’s also a drill/driver, fire safe, and a bunch of other tools. We are constantly adding new, cool stuff to the Rewards Center so if these don’t tickle your fancy, let us know what you would like to see there.

Once you sign up, anytime you visit the site, look to the top left hand side of the site to see if you are signed in. If you see your name, you are signed in and will automatically get points just for visiting! Below your name, you will see how many points you have earned and can use for bidding. On the right hand side, you can click on “Rewards Center” to bid on items up for auction.

We love your comments and feedback and love to encourage as much community as we can, so hope you can get some awesome free stuff and make some friends in the process.

What should we add to Project Rewards? What auction item are you most excited about?

As Always, thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook [9] and Pinterest [10]!

*Thanks to my dad, Chris Paulis Photograph [11]y for our beautiful vaca pix!

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