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Easy Bug Deterrent with Essential Oils!

Easy Bug Deterrent with Essential Oils!

by Jocie Hagan (email Jocie) | | April 14, 2016 | 12 Comments »


You know who loves me? More than anyone else? BUGS. They love me LOTS. We’re outside a lot in the spring and summer with the kids and after 5 minutes and OTC bug spray, I am covered in bug bites. Big ones. Meanwhile, Ethan, who is sitting right next to me is bug-free, living the good life. Last summer I stopped going outside sometimes because I was so miserable. Because you know its not just the momentary bite, its the itching and subsequent scratching until they bleed in the middle of the night.

Now, I really hate bug, and bug bites, but I just can’t bring myself to spray me and my toddlers down with diet. And you know that family-safe bug spray is crap. So I decided to make my own Bug Repellent with Essential Oils. Maybe the best investment I have ever made. No joke. It’s amazing. Not one bug bite yet when I put on my DIY Bug Spray!

And the best part – its totally safe for the kids! Izzie has super sensitive skin and often bug sprays burn or inflame her eczema, but not this Bug Repellent with Essential Oils. Plus, there’s only 3 ingredients, making it a quick and easy recipe. Oh, and did I mention CHEAP!!! I made this for about $1. Awesome, right?

easy Bug Repellent with Essential oils

Easy DIY Bug Spray with Essential Oils
Yields 8
Make your own Bug Repellent that is more effective than store-bought and safe for kids!
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Prep Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
  1. 8 oz Spray Bottle
  2. 8 oz Water
  3. 14 drops Purification Essential Oil
  4. 14 drops Citronella Essential Oil
  1. Fill your spray bottle almost to the top with water, leaving about an inch for oil and pump. Add Young Living Purification and Citronella Essential Oils. I start with the recipe, but if the bugs are still biting, add up to 25 drops of each oil in total. Replace the spray top on the bottle and give a good shake before easy use!
One Project Closer
You may have noticed that I used plastic bottles. For the most part, it is always best to use glass bottles, especially if ingesting. But I decided since the Bug Repellent is very diluted, doesn’t contain citrus oils and will not be ingested, that plastic would be fine. Moral of the story, fee free to make your own informed decision! :)

You’ve probably heard of Citronella, but maybe not Purification. Purification is a Special Young Living blend of Essential oils, including citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca (tea tree), lavandin, and myrtle. It has lots of great uses, in addition to DIY Bug Spray, but my favorite is the way it takes away odors in the air, like paint fumes!

DIY Bug Deterrent from One Project Closer

If you’re interested in buying Young Living Essential Oils or become a member of my team, email me at

What do you think? How will you live on the wild side now that the bugs are staying away with your Bug Repellent with Essential oils?

As always, thanks for reading!

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