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How to Sew a Pillow with Pizzazz!

Posted By Jocie On October 10, 2013 @ 7:00 am In DIY,The Better Half | 7 Comments

Ever wonder how to sew a pillow? Well, I’m super excited to show you these pillows I made for a friend last year including how to sew a basic pillow, how to add a stencil and fabric flower, and how to sew a union jack pillow. This article originally ran in December 2012.

The Basic Pillow

I first folded the ironed fabric in half so that the outside of the fabric was turned in on itself. In this picture, I was cutting and making a pillow out of upholstery fabric. You will see that the finished sides are facing in to each other.

I then cut the fabric so that I had two 19″ squares. With 1/2″ seams, the pillow will be about 18″ square.

*Some fabrics were too thin and looked a bit like cellulite when stuffed, so I added a lining. With the lining, I had 3 layers of 18″ fabric.

I busted out the sewing machine and set the stitch to #4. I have no clue if this was right, but because it was such heavy fabric, I wanted to make sure and have it be secure. For thinner fabrics, I used the tightest straight stitch – #1.

I then started my stitch at the center on whichever side I wanted to be the bottom, back stitching a couple of inches at the start. I worked my way about the edge, stopping and back stitching about 4-5 inches before the starting seam – just enough for my hand to fit in to stuff the pillow. (I put Blue Painter’s Tape on the machine to mark clearly where to line up my edge)

I turned it inside outside, through the 5 inch opening.

From my pillow discard pile, I grabbed an old pillow and used it to stuff the new pillow.

Once stuffed, I used a needle and thread to sew the pillow shut.

Union Jack Pillow

The Union Jack flag is pretty popular these days in the world of decorating – serving trays, dressers, and of course pillows. If you’re not up for putting in the time to make one, check out my bloggy friend, Linda’s Etsy Shop [1].

For my Union Jack Pillow, I used a drop cloth type material – cheap & pretty, just pre-wash it.

First, I cut 8 strips of the same cloth – 4 different widths. The center cross I made a little wider than the X, sewing one at a time in alternating directions. After done sewing, I frayed the edges to give it texture. I then put the Union Jack layer face down against the other side of the pillow and sewed as I outlined above.

Stenciled and Flowered Pillow

Again using the drop cloth material, I grabbed one of the two 19′ square pieces and began to add embellishments. Using my Martha Stewart Stencil paper and stencil cutter, I traced the word LOVE from a computer print-out of the word. 

I pressed the stencil to the fabric and used fabric paint and a round sponge brush to evenly apply paint to the fabric. While the paint was still wet, I removed the stencil.

Using a purple damask-esque fabric, I made six rolled fabric flowers and sewed them to the pillow surrounding the LOVE. For a tutorial on how to do this, check out my complete guide to making fabric flowers [2].

Fabric Appliquéd Pillow

Super easy…I ironed Heat N Bond onto the back of the blue fabric, cut out a letter “S” and then ironed it onto the pillow before stuffing it. Like I said, easy!

Before and After

My friend was kind enough to send some before and after pix – amazing what a little color will do for a room! 



What do you think? What should I do for my next set of pillows?

Thanks for reading on how to sew a pillow with pizzazz!

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