The Humble Brag: Link Party #15

by Jocie Hagan (email Jocie) | | January 10, 2013 | 23 Comments »

This week has been cRaZy for us with the prep for our very first Baltimore Blogger Holiday party! I’m sure I have talked way too much about it, but not to worry, it is happening on Friday (tomorrow). I have largely cooked ahead, ordering a few select things and will go shopping for all the fresh fruit and veggies tomorrow. Last weekend, we taste tasted around 15 different signature drinks and narrowed it down to two. And finally, I have worked on the decor and door prizes throughout the week. I haven’t been the nicest wife to life with, but I’m thankful God gave me a patient and forgiving husband! lol.

On to the features from last week’s link party…

Some Bragworthy Projects

There were so many fabulous projects and foods linked up last week, I hard a really hard time picking favorites. Here are a few:

I made my first cheese ball this week and while it was easier than I thought, I think this Apricot Gorgonzola Cheese Spread from Sweet Little Blue Bird looks even better!

My in-real-life bloggy friend, Megan from Our Pinteresting Family threw her daughter, Wynn the most precious ice cream party ever. Her paper pom ice cream cones were amazing!

I have told you before, but Ethan LOVES Egg Nog. I really mean it, he loves it. As much as he loves it, I HATE it. Its thick, milky, and against everything I stand for in life. Yes, it’s that serious. But I love these recipes that incorporate egg nog without actually having the gelatinous goo of the nog.

Keri from Shaken Together Life shares her Chocolate Eggnog Pecan Bread Pudding. Chocolate makes everything yummy, I’m pretty sure.

And Stephanie from Sweet Boutique shares her egg nog ice cream recipe. It is seriously the easiest homemade ice cream I have ever seen! I wonder if it works with the alcohol in it?!? lol.


Melanie from bearrabbitbear shares her pattern and tips for making toddler robes. This may be the cutest thing ever. My girls would adore these!

Since patience and sitting still are not my strong suites, there aren’t many projects that really have me itching to learn to crochet….BUT this may have pushed me over the edge! I am IN LOVE with these mug cozies from Shannon at Barefoot Sewing!!

Our #1 Brag!

Every week, we choose one link at random to receive free ad space for one week! This week, our ad winner was chosen at random using Out of 45 links, number 32 was chosen – our friend, Nichole at Pinkie for Pink. I love these Disney Road Trip gift baskets – what a great way to get the kids excited and entertain them! I’ll take two of the girl baskets, please. heehee

Bragging Rules

The Humble Brag is all about encouraging one another in our pursuits (and sometimes even fails). We’re excited to see what you have been up to in your crafting/DIY world. We also welcome recipes and other projects. I will be visiting each and every link over the coming day or two, so bring it on!

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