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10 Chalkboard Projects from Mom4Real!

Posted By Jocie On July 16, 2013 @ 7:00 am In Guest Post,The Better Half | 8 Comments

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I blog over at Mom 4 Real [1]! I share home decor, DIY, crafts, cleaning tips and tricks, and tons of chalkboard painted projects. I know…weird, right? I have quite the chalkboard obsession, and love finding new ways to use it. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, I thought I’d just share a few, ten to be exact, with you!


This is where it all began…the first time I turned an ugly old mirror into a chalkboard [2].


I used vinyl to make chalkboard labels and a stick on chalkboard for my refrigerator [3].


I took a large mirror from an old dresser and turned it into a chalkboard for my mantel [4].


Which I love changing up like I did for my The Notebook Inspired Valentine’s Mantel [5].


I used chalkboard spray paint to turn some wine bottles into vases [6].


I recently turned a ceramic tile into a fun cheese board using chalk paint [7].


I turned a thrift store frame into a message board for my desk [8].


I got a little crazy with the chalkboard paint for my 4th of July party [9] for the kiddos and made a chalkboard banner, chalkboard painted wine bottle vases, chalkboard labels for our mason jar drinking glasses, and as you can see…I have chalkboard painted plates hanging in my dining area…oy!


I turned a picture frame that my neighbor threw out into a chalkboard.


And painted a dollar store platter [10] to hang from a wreath hanger…as well as a yardsale picture frame.


I once painted some plates with chalkboard paint [11]…they now live with a friend of mine, but aren’t they cute?


I painted a little wooden heart with chalkboard paint [11] and some polka dots for Valentine’s Day last year.


My daughter Kate joined in the fun, and painted a canvas sign with chalkboard paint [12] to hang on her bedroom door.

So…have you tried chalkboard paint yet?

Thank you so much for having me, I just love it here!


Thanks so much to Jessica for being willing to stop by and share her fabulous work. Love her as much as I do? Follow her on FB [13] or Pinterest [14]!

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