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November 16, 2017 | by Kim (email) |

One Project Closer is not affiliated with Lowe’s, but we find ourselves shopping there quite often! If you’re a do-it-yourselfer like us, then saving money is important to you. Here are a few ways YOU can save at Lowe’s.


#1 – Store-wide Savings, Rebates, and Clearances

Visit Lowe’s’ savings page for current deals, sorted by department.  You can frequently find 10% off or more on appliances, deep discounts on particular tool brands, and sales on everything from painting supplies to construction materials.

Free Shipping

With Lowe’s’ Free In-Store Pickup option, you can order what you want online – taking advantage of their online-only offers – and then have your items shipped to your local store for free!00

Gift & Credit Cards

Ask your friends and family for Lowe’s gift cards for the next holiday or event.  Or get a Lowe’s credit card and choose between getting 5% off any time or getting special financing options for your purchases

#2 – Two Discounts from Lowe’s-Sponsored Locations

1. Lowe’s Card Holders: Lowes’ Discount Page will email you a free online printable coupon (and mail you a copy) for 10% off any in-store purchase (up to $2000.00 maximum discount).  

This is the standard 10% off coupon you see advertised in most places, and the easiest one to get online. Note that some other sites have recently cropped up on the web that are downloading a picture of the coupon from this site and allowing you to “re-print” it from their site. If you look carefully at the image, you will notice is has a unique bar code. The store computers record this bar code at the first use and invalidate it for future use. (If they didn’t do this, you could just photocopy it over and over again. That’s not what Lowe’s intended when they offered the deal).


2. Military Discounts: Lowe’s has a policy to give United States Armed Service Members 10% off all year long. You need a military ID at the time of check out and you cannot use the self service lanes. Obviously, this is a great way to honor our servicemen and women and we are excited to see Lowe’s take this step. Based on information available online, this discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, such as the moving coupon deal.

#3 – Discounts from Other Sources

E-Bay: You can sometimes find 10% off coupons for Lowe’s for sale on E-bay and other auction sites. This is more of a hassle, and again, unless it is an individual seller, the source of the coupons may be dubious. You need to be especially careful of coupons that appear to be photocopied, will be delivered via email, or have a single use bar code on them. It is very possible that these coupons are being sold to multiple people and that they will not actually work when you get into the store.

A Quick Note on Return Policy

Lowe’s has a superb return policy! They allow you to return most items purchased on at your local store within 90 days. Some categories have restrictions, though. For example, major appliances only get seven days (and then you have to use the appliance’s warranty), and outdoor power equipment gets 30 days.

For more information, visit the web site and look up the return policy details before making your purchase.


Lowes Store Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

166 Responses
  1. Leslie says:

    Link error alert: Your first link is to NotBefore7’s blog about being able to buy the 10% off coupons. Typing in address for to get a free 10% off coupon there makes a lot more sense — AND is perfect for my bathroom remodel!

  2. Fred says:

    Woops! Fixed it. Thanks Leslie.

  3. Larry says:

    Filled out the necessary form to receive the coupon by e-mail, each time it erased my information and took me back to the same spot to refill out the form again, just like going into the store, always the run-around, never an upfront solution.

  4. bryan says:

    just go to post office and get a moving change of address packet there in there i get like 10 at a time lol

  5. mitsu gon says:

    easy way to get lowes coupon fast . just go to your post office and take a change adress , inside have lowes coupon ,

    when you change your adress you got 2 . i do that all the time

    save over $8.000 per year on buy .

    or go online and have your change adress from mail to you . in side have many copon

  6. Louise says:

    Lowes never sends my coupons–Like our local store-A Dud

  7. Susie says:

    Moving Change of Address packet does indeed have a 10% off coupon inside! Thanks for the great tip! I’ll remember that any time I need to go to Lowe’s!

  8. Roger says:

    I would like to finish our basement mostly to keep mice and snake away. My wife can’t dare going down there since she learned that snakes take refuge in our basement during the winter. I would like to do this project myself with the help of small contractors. I am at the preparation stage and would like to find friendly sources to help me carry out the following tasks:

    – design (I wonder if there is a website that can help me come up wit a good design once I ave all the measures)

    – framing and insulation is another key step with the goal of permanently keeping mice and snake away.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  9. John says:

    If you just go to any US Post office and ask for a change of address packet there is a 10% lowes coupon in it and they are truely free. I m not paying someone $4 to get 10% off at a store thats rediculous!

  10. Robert Adams says:

    I don’t know of any post offices that still have those change of address packets. All you can get here now is a single sheet and you mail that in or do it online. When you fill out online you will get an instant lowes coupon to print out and then Lowes will send you a couple coupons in the mail.

  11. Ann says:

    Mike, I work for Lowe’s and those coupons come through my checkout ALL OF THE TIME!!! A customer told me about them!! So..I don’t consider it lying to Lowe’s if the company puts those coupons into circulation.

  12. robin says:

    Mike, check out the book Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford. Also, the herb ashwaganda can make radiation treatments 50% more effective. Dandelion will help your liver regain it’s health, important in any disease, and carrot and barley grass juice or wheat grass juice are helpful. Also Essiac tea. Anyway,here’s a hodgepodge of ideas.

  13. Kathy says:

    those coupons are available again…Oh, and Home Depot will accept them too! Last year we moved and kept going back to the PO for more. We probably saved over $1,000 using them last year.

  14. Eric says:

    This was a great Comments & Conversation back and forth and I will gladly give Lowe’s what ever coupons they are hashing out with a $400.00 tree house in the works. Thanks everyone and sorry about the cancer Mike. Good luck peeps

  15. Alberto G says:

    Unfortunate the Lowes coupon can only be use if you move, rather than spend it on the property you already own.

  16. Chris P says:

    I’ve used their web site to receive the 10% off coupon, once before we had to move out of our home on account of a massive oil spill from our oil tank but before the soil cleanup, and a second time as we prepare to move back into our home permanantly (almost there). But the site worked great and we received the coupon timely, I think withn 24 hours. These things are generally computer generated, so just be sure to get everything filled in correctly the first time you submit it. Probably the most common mistake is not getting your own e-mial address correct, especially if you’re in a hurry and use the cut & paste feature on your computer. You’ve just put the same address in incorrectly (auto-save feature on most computers can do the same thing once you type something in; wrong input in, wrong output out!) Really, it’s as easy as transposing 2 letters in your e-address and your eye doesn’t catch it. Did you catch how I mispelled “e-mail” 3 sentences back??? 🙂

  17. Kevin says:

    Lowe’s 10% off coupon at the post office in the change of address packet. Got one today!!

  18. michelle says:

    post office no longer has those moving packets here in MI. They tell you go to their website and fill out the moving form!

  19. sara White says:

    This did not help at all. I have spent 20 min trying to just find where
    the printable coupon for Home Depot is. It is a constant circle.
    What is going on with the website?

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Lowes mailed the coupon because they were having problems with the site and I called. You newsletter is good. Suggestions: make the print larger and make it easier to comment. A marketing type would be a good addition to your group.

  21. Eva Lyon says:

    I would like a 10%off coupon so I can buy a weedeater it is 99.00 . I am a senior citizen and on Social Security Thank You

  22. Darrell says:

    Lowe’s recently had a Whole House Lighting Install promotion for $149 . What a steal! The fixtures had to be purchased from Lowe of course. Keep an eye open in case they rerun that promotion or call Lowe’s Install/Production Office and inquire about it. Not sure, but additional charges may apply depending on ceiling height over 10 feet, for example.

  23. Gail Greer says:

    I would like to get 2 blind attachments for our son as he has moved into a home where the front door is a double french /patio door, so there is no privacy from the street., I was wondering if I could get a 10, 15, or 20 % off of this purchase which will be over 250.00. I called our store in Springfield Mo, and the gentleman said the were 129.00 each.

    Thankyou for your time, and response.

    Sincerely, Gail Greer

  24. Tony says:

    I want to take advantage of the Loews ongoing promo 15% off troybilt snowblowers but cannot get it to go in automatically at checkout,is there a coupon code for this.Thanks in advance.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Tony, no they didn’t give us a code. I checked the site and am having the same problem you were, so I took that link off this page. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but thank YOU for pointing out the problem so future readers don’t run into it, too!

    • Kim says:

      They’re running this deal again this week! (10/5-10/10) – see above

  25. Michael Klamik says:

    How,were do I get a 10% coupon to obtain new bathroom fixtures?

    • Kim says:

      Right now, the only 10% off coupon they’re offering is their moving coupon (for new home owners) above. However, they do run periodic “Take $5 off $50”-on-up deals, and when they do, we post them here!

  26. roger munson says:

    Looking to purchase big quantity of laminate flooring. I would appreciate a 10% coupon.

    • Kim says:

      Keep an eye on the “Shop Flooring at Lowes” link under “Interior, Living Room, For The Home” above – if there’s a sale, it’ll be there! (and we’ll also list it outright in that same section, too!)

  27. john ganster says:

    Stupid coupon system. Cannot figure out how to print one out. Home Depot was easy. I’ll just go there instead.

    • Kim says:

      Lowes does their 10% off on an item-by-item basis more now (it’s appliances and grill items, this week). Whatever they’ve got, we’re posting here; and we check it several times a week.

      I’m pretty sure they’ll match your Depot price just to win you over, though, so try that if you’re heading to a physical store, anyway!

  28. Lil says:

    I’m looking for a 10 off carpet coupon. Do you know where i can get one?

  29. al says:

    Post office still does their 10% off when you get the change of add package. Just confirmed 2 minutes ago. Grabbed 3

  30. fabricio galvan says:

    necesito arreglar mi casa y comprar los regalos de mi familia

  31. verne says:

    i will to bye my wife a new range for thanksgiving,isthere any coupon i can use?

    • Kim says:

      Hi Verne. If you click on either of the links for ranges in the “Appliance” section above, that’ll take you to Lowes’s page and get you the sale price. I’ll be updating this page every day this week, so if Lowes runs additional range sales for Thanksgiving or Black Friday, those will be here as soon as they post them, so check back with us! We’d love to help you get a great deal as you get a great gift for your wife!

  32. Jody says:

    I was told Lowes had $10 off coupons, as well as 10%. How do you get a $10 off coupon?

    • Kim says:

      Hi Jody – Lowes rotates their deals every week, so sometimes they do have that coupon. This week, however, they’re focusing on their Black Friday/Holiday Season deals. Check back again next week, though. If they run it, we’ll have it here!

  33. Sherrie says:

    Lowes is having a Black Friday sale on Frigidaire appliance suites. I just need the wall oven. Does this apply for my purchase

  34. char says:

    I would like to get my husband the troybuilt snowblower for christmas, on a tight budget and was wondering if there is any % off to help cut back the price?

    • Kim says:

      Hi, Char. No, there’s no Troy-Bilt discount today, but they do run one sometimes, so check back here! We update this page a couple times every week (whenever Lowes opens new deals to tell you all about).

  35. Bob says:

    I was looking on insolation (Greenfiber-blowing). It says, Free 24 hour blower with minimum purchase. How does it work? What is the minimum purchase means? I am thinking to order the insulation online. I have no idea how am i gonna get that 24 hrs free blower deal! does anyone know about this? I would appreciate your inputs!

    • Darren says:

      Purchase 20 units or more of the blown insulation and the daily fee is waived for 24 hrs. There is still a security deposit on the machine. Any employee working in the Lumber/building materials department should be able to assist you and answer any questions you have.

  36. Paul says:

    Lowes has promotions throughout the summer on Gatorade packs that sell for $10 that include a $10 off coupon with a $50 purchase. Like getting a free case of Gatorade

  37. Maria says:

    I just signed up for the moving coupon and have not gotten it yet, but do you know if this coupon can be used online? I want to buy appliances and take advantage of the ebates 5% cash back. Thank you.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Maria,
      From reading the fine print at the bottom of the Moving Coupon application, which says “Your coupon is uniquely coded, so it can be used only once at any Lowe’s® store.” our best guess is that it’s meant for use in a physical store location only.

  38. Maria says:

    Hi Kim: I did get my coupon yesterday and was able to use it online! After doing a lot of research, I found the appliances for the best price at Lowes. And I earned over $200 in cash back from ebates. Can’t beat it!

    • Kim says:

      Oh, great! Thanks for letting us know, too, so we can CORRECTLY answer the next person who asks the “can it be used online?” question! Appreciate it!

  39. loverlycottage says:

    Thank you for posting sales on this blog – much quicker for me than browsing their websites!

  40. MissFixIt says:

    Do these coupons work in Canadian stores?

    • Kim says:

      Not yet, I don’t think. But Lowes just started their affiliate marketing program last summer. Hopefully, once they see it’s successful here in the States, they’ll roll it into Canada, too!

  41. Maria says:

    I have one of the coupons in front of me and it says valid in US only.

  42. Marilyn Wellons says:

    Why can I not find the 10% coupon to print out?
    That is what I am looking for,

    • Kim says:

      They’re not running one right now – except for the moving coupon you can get at your post office if you’re moving. Otherwise, they’re running their “% Off” sales by specific category this week.

  43. Robyn says:

    Kim, Can you use the moving coupon along with the new cardholder 5% off? We are actually moving into a new home and want to purchase hardie siding and a fireplace… could save us a bundle doing both at once???

  44. modernhousewife says:

    I think this was interesting, I was at Lowes the other day and a guy came up to me and offered me a 10% off coupon if I would buy the batteries he wanted, and then I could get the additional discount (off our $700 order!), so I did it. It looked like he had a whole bunch of the coupons and he was going to people with big carts of stuff and getting them to buy small items for him. He then tried to get a second copy of our receipt, which they don’t do, so I’m assuming he is going to try to return the batteries for a store credit or something. Very strange. I guess the post office gives away those moving packets like candy!

    • Kim says:

      Sounds like a great little game he’s running – slowly building up free store credit (which he can then sell to someone for cash and support his drug habit? Who knows?).

  45. Robert Devlin says:

    Hi Kim,

    Lowes from time to time has an 18-month interest deferred promotion. Will there be one coming soon? Also, on this page Lowes is showing a 5% Off Every Day or 12 Months Special Financing on purchases $299 or more (thru 4/2). When you hit the link it only shows 6 months, please explain. I am looking to spend around $1500.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Robert – you’re right, but I don’t know why that is. I’ll get in touch with our contact at Lowe’s and try to get you an answer later today! Thanks for letting us know you found that discrepancy!

  46. vic tribue says:

    how can i get your coupings

  47. Liz says:

    How can I get a Lowes coupon on lline without having to fill out all of the information everytime I want to get a coupon? It takes me 20 minutes or longer just to get a coupon.

    • Kim says:

      If there’s a particular category you’re looking to buy, check back here each week! They regularly roll out new deals, and we update them when they do. Otherwise, yes, you do have to fill out their form online. It’s worth it for the big purchases, though, right?

  48. Troy Thomas says:

    moving need fixer upper coupons

    • modernhousewife says:

      Are you saying you’re moving and need coupons? The moving 10% coupon you can get online will work for that. You can fill it out a few times I believe and they were very lenient at the store for me when the barcode wasn’t clear, they still took it.

  49. No Pizza says:

    Lowes still has the 10% at the Post Office. You have to ask for the paper form and it should be in the packet. Thanks for the tip!

  50. Rebecca says:

    I just picked up a Moving coupon from the USPS, and it expired on 5/12/2012. Any idea if they will still honor it? Or if they are issuing more?

  51. Darren says:

    I have been a ASM at Lowes for 10 years. Most, if not all Lowes, will honor recently expired coupons as well as Home Depot coupons. And don’t forget that we also match price plus 10% off on exact items (ie exact model).If you have a Lowes account, you can get 5% off every purchase made with it or 6 months no interest when making the minimum purchase of $299 (cannot combine these with any other offer). The 6 month frequently is offered as 12 month. I have seen the copied, multi-printed coupons, etc. and most of the time they will be accepted if you are not abusing i (we do remember you and have videot. They are very obvious and I saw one this morning before leaving work. Poor unclear printou (should be crisp)t, cannot scan barcode(not clear enough or already used), no expiration date(no good thru date), no unique number(found under barcode) to input when image is not scanable. Majority of the time Lowes store managers are more worried about keeping customers happy than losing 10%. In the grand scheme, its really not that much when you look at the amount of money the same person will spend at Lowes over their lifetime.

  52. Darren says:

    To the people who feel they don’t get good service at their local Lowes, I am truly sorry for your bad experiences. Believe me when I say not all Lowes are the same. I have worked at many and been disgusted with some myself. Our focus is supposed to be on the customer first and I bend over backwards to provide the best service possible to every customer. Sometime things are not within our realm of control and customers of any retailer need to remember that when issues do arise.

  53. Pat Fielding says:

    I would like to make a large purchase at Lowes but they only have 6 mos . financing right now. Is there any way to predict when they will run 12 mos or 18 mo. special financing?

    • Darren says:

      Just had 18mo for Memorial Day. Holidays are normal times for these promos. Most managers will know a week or so out when the promos will start. Fathers Day is coming up, not sure if they’ll be offering that particular promo…

  54. william says:

    Re the 10% off moving coupon, we are doing multiple improvements, but all the lumber, plywood, etc will not fit in the back of our truck.
    Coupon says 1 time at point of sale use. Heres the question<
    Can we leave some of the purchase [especially lumber etc,] and return to make 3 or 4 trips later that day to pick up the remaining items?
    this makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the Value of the coupon!

    • Kim says:

      Hi William – I doubt Lowe’s will “guard” it for you, but you could ask at your store! Otherwise, I’d recommend taking a friend a long, telling him/her to bring a good book, and having that person babysit your buys while you travel back and forth – you’re right, it’s worth the savings!

      • Jamie says:

        bad advice Kim, I’m pretty sure theres a way around that. if they are like Home depot, you can pay and they will even pick out the stuff for you, only what you are ready to take home and you can come back later and get some

  55. Kelly says:

    Go to the post office! I used my 10% off at Home Depot and saved $247.88!

  56. Charles says:

    I was able to save on carpet and pad at Lowe’s. For less than $4, I bought a 10% off Lowe’s coupon from EBay. Next, I bought Lowe’s gift cards from at a discount of 7%. Total savings was close to 16%!

  57. frazzled5 says:

    I normally do not shop Lowes- however with the weather changing, I need filters for the HVAC- thanks for sharing. (Well Lowes should be thanking you also)

  58. MrMom says:

    Just got a movers pack at the post office the lady grilled me and said just do it online, said we turned the internet off because we are moving so id rather do the paper form she reluctantly gave me one finally geez…..

    But this time no lowes coupon card but instead a lowes insert telling you to go to and a coupon code to enter once there, did all that first said invalid security code, redid it then said invalid promo code (off the card) redid it again still same issue in same order, and I am typing in exactly what the code on the insert and the security code showing both are, but it just isn’t taking it.

    In the past you could get a movers pack and have a card in hand to usethat day, but it looks like the new movers packs are starting to have these inserts vs the actual cards ;(

    • Jamie says:

      I had the same problem today. only I did it 15 times changing 0’s to O’s and whatever else… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  59. […] While OPC has been around for 5 years now, we created The Better Half about 6 month ago. The Better Half is just like it sounds – better! lol. I (Jocie) write about crafts, decor, and DIY, and occasionally show off cute pix of my two daughters. Kim, the other Better Half, works 24/7 to provide up-date Home Depot coupons and Lowe’s discounts! […]

  60. GuestEO says:

    I see you’ve got a Lowe’s special listed for free installation with purchase of a Bosch dishwasher, but when I click on the link, it just shows dishwashers, but I don’t see any mention of free installation. Any ideas about how to access that deal you mentioned?

  61. GuestEO says:

    Oh, and I forgot to also mention I didn’t see how to get the 10% off you mentioned for Lowes. I need a new dishwasher, so these two deals you mentioned would be a HUGE help! Thanks.

  62. I recently got a $10 off of $50 purchase from and going thru their lists of coupons. It expires 5/18/2013 with a code of 470000000027866.
    It was not honored because they said it was bogus. But, if I were to go back in the morning when the contractor’s register was open, they would print one for me and with my receipt-could get $10 off. I am steamed, how am I supposed to know if they are legitimate or not? Embarrassing and frustrating-the manager would not come to the register…..not happy.

  63. […] site. In addition, OPC provides tool reviews and coupon information for DIY superstores like these Lowe’s discounts. If you enjoy home improvement, check out One Project […]

  64. Jay says:

    I have used this site a few times over the year to get unique barcoded coupons. Has worked every time (so far).

  65. ceny logo says:

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  67. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by
    searching for Herbal

  68. goodguy says:

    I just bought Lowes coupons from

  69. Margaret says:

    I have tried repeatedly to enter the code I received in my welcome package for I am kicked out every time I try. Computer states that I have entered a wrong code and I have definitely not put in a wrong code. I give up this aggravation is not worth 10%. Home Depot is closer anyway!

  70. bill says:

    getting this 10% coupon is harder than signing up for Obama care – I gave up —

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  74. Connie says:

    I tried for half hour to be able to get the 10% discount for Lowes that the Post Office offers in their change of address packet but was not able to recieve one due to it kept saying something or other was incomplete or invalid. I’m shopping at Home Depot from now on

  75. Connie says:

    For all the Frustration to get the 10% coupons from Lowes, Lowes should snail mail the discount savings. It would probably get to my MAILBOX quicker than on line here

  76. I have worked over one hour to try to get the coupon for – – I have not yet succeeded. Help if you can. My e mail at top Thanks

  77. Michelle says:

    I have used this web site:
    several times to get fresh promo codes for Lowe’s
    10% off all orders, as well as $10 off $50+ orders.
    Try it, you’ll like it !

  78. Jackie Miller says:

    Thanks Michelle, and thanks Kim Fauth !
    My post office didn’t have the Lowe’s coupon.
    I went to
    and got a 10% off code.
    I just bought my new refrigerator at Lowe’s, and got
    an $90 instant discount using the code, and that was on top of the
    30% off sale and free delivery.
    I love Lowe’s, and I love One Project Closer. Thanks !!!!!!

    • Henry Paulson says:

      I tried and it worked. No more hassles with codes that don’t work. You need to use it on
      I saved $65 (10%) on my new dishwasher.

      OneProjectCloser rocks !

  79. Jim says:

    Only way to get that 10% off coupon is to either be moving OR “pretend” you are moving (which would be a lie)!
    I wish they had another coupon that did NOT have requirement of you moving.

  80. Melody Cramer says:

    Jim – They DO !
    Didn’t you see Michelle’s post ?
    You have to go to this website, called and you can get the Lowe’s 10% off promo code INSTANTLY. You don’t have to lie about moving. Its fair for everyone. I checked it out, and now they even have 20% off Lowe’s promo codes.
    Cheers !

  81. william fiscus says:


  82. Dan Cooksey says:

    how do we get a coupon not expired

  83. Mike says:

    There’s a good video explaining where and how to enter the 10% promo code:
    it helped me, as I also wasn’t sure how to use the code.

  84. Patrick Ryan says:

    Anyone able to get the Lowe’s moving coupon lately? I keep getting a “500 internal server error” when signing up.

  85. Tom says:

    Coupons! We want coupons! 🙂

  86. Debbie says:

    I’m getting the server error too! I’m trying to buy a stove! Help with the coupon code!

  87. Patrick Ryan says:

    It eventually went through for me…had to try it about a dozen times

  88. […] Lowes Coupons, Sales, Coupon Codes, 10% Off – Oct … – Save money with a Lowes coupon. We’ve got all the current deals and promotions, updated multiple times a week! […]

  89. […] home, and $200 worth of gift cards can help you along way, especially when you combine that with a Lowe’s coupon or Home Depot coupon. Let OPC feature your awesome before and after AND help out a worthy cause. […]

  90. E M Christians says:

    Through USPS, I filed a temporary change of address. Accompanying this form, advertising agencies (including Lowe’s) offer discounts, etc. I was going to use two of the coupons when I noticed that EVERY business code for all of the offers was #666. Is this some type of sick joke or does IMAGITAS embrace evil? Sorry, being a Christian, those numbers send chills down my spine. Of all the combination of numbers that could have been used, you chose the sign of the evil one? I would never deal with the devil! I’ve never seen any company, anywhere use those three consecutive numbers in ANY correspondence! Do your advertisers know you used the mark of the beast to elicit business? Maybe they also need a wake-up call!

  91. Each time I read it, I simply get more amped up for whats next.

  92. Rhonda says:

    I don’t see a link anywhere on the Lowes moving site related to a 10% coupon offer

  93. Kathy says:

    Lowes website link for movers coupon continually takes me to the moving supplies webpage. Is link disabled?

  94. Karen says:

    I have the same problem, the link just keeps taking me to the moving supply page . I clicked on Kim’s link and it still takes me there. Grrrrrrrr……..I have one day and it will expire! Is this on purpose Lowes??

  95. Ron Langston says:

    Yeah that link just takes me to their moving supplies page. Anyone figure out how to actually get one of these coupons yet?

  96. RT says:

    That’s what the chat support sent me to… However, after 24 hours, I have no emails from them yet

  97. Ron Langston says:

    Thanks for the link, we’ll see what happens.

  98. […] Project Closer.  Visit their site at  Updated […]

  99. mike mistretta says:

    i’m guessing with all the fraud coupons out there they have discontinued the program. If you have the direct URL you can get to it but I filled out the page 2 weeks ago and received no response. the relo pack from the post office doesn’t carry coupons anymore either.

    I went into Lowe’s yesterday and they said if I applied for the Credit card you get 10% off your first purchase when you use it, then 5% for all future purchases. I didn’t see the 10% deal anywhere but the cashier honored it when we purchased our dryer. YMMV…..

  100. Kathy says:

    Got it straight from someone at Lowes Executive Customer Support that the 10% movers coupons are no more. She suggested contacting the store manager and working with him directly to secure discounts after a bad incident I just had at my local Lowes store.

    Bye Bye 10% off…

  101. Jason says:

    the website is NOT owned by Lowes since Lowes has discontinued the moving page on their site. (beware viruses)

    Lowes has discontinued the moving page on their site. You cannot get the 10% discount from their site anymore.

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  103. Christine says:

    Hey guys! Are there any limitations with the coupon? I’m hoping to buy kitchen cabinets/countertop/appliances with it and want to make sure that I use it properly to receive the max discount possible Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Kim says:

      They tend to specify their sales, now. (They had straight %-off anything deals when we started this blog.) Usually it’s a percentage off a particular category, like flooring or appliances.

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  107. Firoozeh says:

    I can’t find 10% off lows I just moved to fl and I am doing a remodel on my home.Post office didn’t have coupon for lows.Also I need Home Depot coupons if you can help I rea appreciate it.

  108. christy says:

    We just moved and were mailed a coupon packet to our new address. It has Lowes 10% off coupon good for only a month. If I apply and get the credit card to you know if I can get the 10% off coupon + the 6 month financing?

  109. Amer Al-Mudallal says:

    I just moved and can’t find the Lowes 10% off coupon. I went to three Post Offices around my area and they don’t have the moving change of address packet. Can I get the coupon directly from Lowes? I don’t want to pay and buy on ebay. Thanks.

  110. Tina Terrell says:

    Trying to find the 10% off Lowes coupon. We’re building a new house and have worked up an order with the pro desk. They said to get online to print a coupon, but I haven’t had much luck finding one. They would honor the Home Depot coupon that I had. Do you email the coupons? One would be much appreciated.


    • Kim says:

      We do not have coupons for mailing, and we have found that most of the online coupons do not work. Check Lowe’s website for their current deals, though! Congratulations on the new house!

  111. Thristle Gibson says:

    I tried to download the 10 % coupon with negative results. I have a hard time believing in promotions. Does Lowes honor the 10% off coupon? are do I need to take my business somewhere else.

    • Kim says:

      If it’s from their site, it’ll work. They have gotten away from mailings or other online coupons, aside from their discount page.

      Best of luck!

  112. Kim says:

    Looking for carpet and appliances for condo we just bought. Wondered if there are Lowes coupons available

  113. Oh man, it always fun to go out for a shopping! I mean of course it including get online coupons! More reason to buy more! Getting new stuff for your house or do upgrading is totally fun thing to do. After the upgrade or adding more stuff, we feel good and it feels more homey. The best feeling! Planning to design your dream house? Well will help you make that dream house come true. They totally the best choice for such eco-friendly and cost-efficient project. Please do check them out. Thank you.

  114. Nice fellow says:

    Hey Guys,

    I made a few orders from http://www.LowesCouonDeal.Com and it works smooth like a charm….

  115. Guy like tracel says:

    I found this site, need to buy the coupon, but worth it

  116. Jonathan Bink says:

    The cheapest source I could find (since there aren’t any free ones anymore) is MyJibe lowes coupons.

    Thanks to One Project Closer, I was able to find that site and save so much money on my home renovations! Thanks!

  117. just go to post office and get a moving change of address packet there in there i get like 10 at a time lol

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