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How to Anchor a Shed to a Concrete Foundation

Posted By Ethan On September 2, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Construction,Project Guides,Shed | 9 Comments

There’s nothing like a hurricane to remind you that your beautiful shed [1] isn’t actually attached to anything. With winds expected to reach 85mph, Fred and I decided it was in our best interest to better secure the shed. You may recall that we poured theĀ concrete pad [2] for the shed, and we even shared a quick video showing how the shed was delivered [3]. The last step was to make sure the shed never moved again (unless of course we wanted it to).

Imagine my local Home Depot the day before a class II hurricane arrived. It was chaos. The generators had sold out long ago, and even the display models were gone. People were grabbing plywood like it was the winning lotto ticket. Somewhere a child was crying, and people ran naked in the streets. Ok not that last part. I was in no rush so it was kinda amusing watching people scurry about. It’s obvious that most Marylanders have no idea how to handle a major natural disaster.

I calmly purchased a box of concrete anchors, washers and four T-shaped ties you might see on a deck. My plan was to put one anchor in the shed 4×4 and two in the concrete pad.

For this project a hammer drill, masonry drill bit, impact driver and an impact rated socket are necessities.

The concrete we used to pour the slab was Quikrete Crack Resistant mix [4]. This is a structural concrete (4000 psi) with synthetic fibers for additional strength. For that reason, drilling into the concrete and driving the anchors was no easy task. I actually had to ream the hole a little larger because the impact driver wasn’t up to the task.

In the end, the job was done and I felt sure the shed wouldn’t get blown away. Irene lost a lot of strength before she reached us, and there wasn’t too much damage in our area. I don’t think the winds were strong enough to move the shed, but at least we’re prepared for the next hurricane.

Did the hurricane remind you of a project you’d been putting off? How do you prepare for a hurricane?

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