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December 27, 2008 | by Fred (email) |

Have you ever purchased furniture, appliances, tools, or other home improvement stuff from retail stores only to think to yourself: Could I have paid less for this? We have… and that’s why we created the Home Improvement Coupons List – a list that saves you money at the biggest home improvement stores!

What is the Home Improvement Coupons List?

The home improvement coupons list is a subset of the articles on One Project Closer that feature coupons and promotions for the day, week, or month. Most of the coupons are electronic (clickable) coupons that are applied to your order immediately. Some of the coupons are printable (e.g., you must print them and take them to a retail store). All of the coupons are valid, up-to-date, and for popular stores you almost certainly already patronize.

Occasionally, we send out coupons only to the coupons list, instead of featuring them on our main blog. We do this primarily to avoid displaying too many coupons to our blog readers. In the future, we may decide to eliminate the coupons from our main blog altogether. If we do that, the coupons list will be the only way to get the coupons…

How Do I Get the Coupons?

We offer two subscription options:

What Companies do you Feature?

The list grows regularly as more and more companies move to online retailing. Right now, the list includes favorites like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, ToolKing, Nothern Tool & Equipment, Angie’s List and more! If you shop regularly at these stores (either online or in retail outlets), you’ll definitely benefit from signing up.

Will My E-mail Get spammed?

Absolutely not. One Project Closer never sends you information you don’t request. We never sell, trade, or give away the information you provide us unless we have your express written permission to do so. If you unsubscribe, we honor your request and stop sending you information. We continue to keep all of your information private.

Are Their Bonuses?

We think getting 10-20% off coupons is bonus enough. But, there’s even more! If you sign up for our coupon list by e-mail, you’ll also receive 10 entries into every one of our monthly One Project Closer giveaways – a great bonus indeed!

For Retailers & PR Companies

Would you like to have your product or service featured on One Project Closer? See our advertising section for more information. If you’ve got a question, feel free to contact us at

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