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Just after Christmas, Ethan and I agreed that I needed to do something to better organize my craft supplies and create a better work space for the constant stream of crafts. At that time, my “work space” consisted of a card table and pile of junk in the back of our basement. It was kinda embarrassing. Don’t judge me…


OPC The Better Half

We did a lot of research in what type of desk would be best in the space. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot out there that its at all reasonable in price. Martha Stewart has a pretty decent line, sold through Home Depot, but we were still looking at spending around $1,000 and it wouldn’t even be custom to the space.

We also thought about Ethan building a custom work desk, but decided to take a look at Ikea first. While Ethan could have made something better, the desk we got from Ikea was a lot less work and most likely just as cheap, if not cheaper.

Ikea Desk

I love that this Ikea desk fits our space perfectly. I currently craft in our basement living room/tv room. We have a fair-sized town-house, our living room is also home to our TV, toys, and treadmill. So a lot has to be packed into a small area. The desk sits behind the couch and against a wall, forming an “L.” The short side of the “L” is 47 inches and the longer side is 71 inches. The depth of both sides is 23-1/2 inches.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

One concern of mine in using a regular desk for crafting is that it would be beat up and marked with paints, glue gun, scissors…you know, the normal crafting woes. Some craft desks come with a scratch and heat-resistant top, but they are most expensive and don’t come in the size I needed for our very small space. Fortunately, Ikea also sells computer table top protectors. I bought two so that I can replace it if it starts looking ugly. But I have been thrilled to find that it cleans up easily with cleaning wipes and hot glue picks right off.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

Another thing I really love about this desk are the shallow drawers – perfect for small craft supplies. I have used large drawers or filing cabinets in the past and it ended up just being a pile of junk in the drawer. Eventually, once I figure out the layout I want, I am going to label all the drawers.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

ClosetMaid Pantry

I also purchased a ClosetMaid Pantry to store some of the bigger items, like my sewing machine and Silhouette. I don’t completely love it and wished I had bought something else at Ikea. My biggest complaint is that the doors do not meet and also stay slightly open all the time. Not real pretty.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

Even though I’m not happy with the doors, it is great storage. I even prettied it up with some vinyl, saying “Craft Hard, Stay Humble.” I really love how that turned out!


Craft Hard Stay Humble - OPC The Better Half

Desk Accessories

I’m still working on decor for the rest of the desk, but for now things are looking good. Ethan even made me a hot glue gun holder! I am ashamed to show what my hot glue gun looked like before:

 OPC The Better Half

Now my new pretty one:

Hot Glue Gun Holder - OPC The Better Half

I also bought a fabulous desk lamp at Ikea that may be my favorite part of the desk. The downside was that I didn’t buy a light bulb at Ikea and it took me several stores before I found the correct wattage and size.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

I also wanted a better way to store my small desk items like markers, paint brushes, and scissors. My friend, Colleen had hunted for a desktop carousel for a long time and found one at Michael’s. So I copied the cool kids and bought one too.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

While I was there at Michael’s, their craft storage was Buy 1, Get 1 Free!! Ethan had planned to make a Wall mounted Ribbon Storage unit for me, but you can’t beat FREE! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here was my ribbing storage before.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

And now with my pretty new Wall mounted storage!

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

And finally, my pretty new chair from Ikea.

Craft Desk - OPC The Better Half

Cost Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of what we spent on the desk from Ikea:

  • 2 Vika Amon Table tops – $15.99 each
  • 3 Table Legs – $3.50 each
  • 2 Vika Alex Drawer Unit – $79 each
  • 1 Vika Annefors Table Leg Storage – $45
  • 1 Barometer Work Lamp – $29.99
  • 1 Torbjorn Swivel Chair – $49.99

Other craft desk additions:

  • ClosetMaid Pantry from Target – $70
  • Desktop Carousel from Michaels – $50
  • Wall-mounted Ribbon Holder from Michaels – $30 (I got it free with in-store promo)

In total, I spent about $445.46! That is wayyyy cheaper than most craft desks and storage.

What do you think? Any suggestions for decor?

As always, thanks for reading!

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