The Humble Brag: Link Party #3

by Jocie Hagan (email Jocie) | | October 19, 2012 | 39 Comments »

Thank you all for coming back yet again for our third Humble Brag of the year. I really enjoyed each and every project that was linked up and appreciate you taking the time!

Just a quick side note, if you are following us on Facebook but notice that you aren’t seeing all our updates in your newsfeed, there’s a few things you can do to help that out:

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For more information on how to do this, two twenty one wrote  great post with pix on how to do it!

Want Free Advertising?

To help kick-start things, for a limited time, we are offering FREE advertising for one lucky featured blogger per week who links up at the party. We will advertise your blog in our sidebar, and trust me, that’s pretty cool since we get thousands of hits per month! So tell your blogger friends and come link up. (Don’t forget, you have to link back or grab a button to win)

Some Brag-worthy Projects

All the projects were super cool but a few stood out to me this week…

This is a super simple and really adorable project from my friend, Karah at the Space Between. I pretty much love everything that Karah does, so this was a no-brainer choice for me! I think I am going to add these DIY coasters to my gift list this Christmas!

Art is Beauty was a featured blog last week, but she just keeps linking up these amazing projects! Who new an ugly old 70s side table could look this good? I guess, she did!

I’m not usually one for deer decor, but I do love this $4.25 artwork from Simple Home. Life.

So it wasn’t a project or craft, but Sarah from The Ugly Duckling House wins the prize for the funniest and most inventive post and title. She used pantiliners to plug a leak! HA

Decorum DIYer refinished this baby cradle to be a Pottery Barn knock-off. Boy, do I love knock-offs! This was Christine’s very first link party and we felt honored to have her!

Our #1 Brag!

Admittedly, I am loving pallet art these days and this dandelion wall art really inspires me. Seriously, if DIY Diva experiences a theft, I might need to be questioned! 🙂 This wasn’t previously announced, but DIY Diva will receive free advertising for the next week in our sidebar! woot woot!


Bragging Rules

The Humble Brag is all about encouraging one another in our pursuits (and sometimes even fails). We’re excited to see what you have been up to in your crafting/DIY world. We also welcome recipes and other projects. I will be visiting each and every link over the coming day or two, so bring it on!

We ask that you:

  • Please grab a button or link back to this post
  • Link directly to your article
  • Don’t link to a shop, store or giveaway

Make sure to check back next week to see if your project has been featured and thanks for sharing.

Grab a Button

Remember, please post a button or text link back to our party somewhere in your original post. We hope you also take the time to click on one or two other party-goers projects and give some encouragement.

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Please link back to this article | Link directly to your article | Don’t link to a shop, store or giveaway

Thanks again for linking up.

As Always, thanks for reading…and linking up!

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