Fourteen Pictures of our Discus and Angelfish

October 7, 2008 | by Kim (email) |

We’ve been keeping aquariums since just after we got married five years ago, and Fred dabbled a bit before that (had to give it up when his 135 gallon tank nearly fell through his third-story apartment’s floor – oops!).

We’ve always found our discus tank relaxing to just sit and watch when we’re fried after a long day.  And before we had kids, they were our “living dependents:” I named all of them, cried when the first few died (sappy, I know), and we spent hundreds of dollars on good frozen food, chemicals, medicine for their illnesses, and fake plants for them to hide in.

But it’s only been recently, as we’ve been talking final-room-setups, that we’ve realized how much we enjoy our fish as “decorations.”   We were considering moving the aquariums to the basement, where we’re working on a recreation space with a bar, game tables and the like.  The fish would fit right in with the adult-friendly motif.  But their absence in the family room would mean we’d have to come up with some other remarkable (and sizable) pieces to add the color, light and interest the aquariums provide to that space.

After weighing the options, we are now leaning much more in the direction of keeping them on the main floor of the house, where we can enjoy them more of the day, and where they provide a large interest piece right there in the center of our home.  We thought you might enjoy seeing some of our friends for yourselves.

Our Discus and Angelfish Aquarium Pictures

blue turquoise discus midnight blue discus cobalt blue discusmarble angel fish black veil angelfishleopard discus leopard discuskoi veil angel fish large angelfish with thin finslarge pigeon blood discus small pigeon blood discus red turqoise discus tangerine discus sunset orange discus orange discus

What do you think? Can pets (birds, lizards, fish, whatever) double as home decor?  Or is it tacky to try?

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  1. Fred says:

    Yeah good picture. I see what you mean, Gene, but i think the sinister feeling is just cause the rest of the room is dark. (i would skip the bottle on top too)
    I do think Aquariums are great decoration – we enjoy our 55 gallon, particularly with some driftwood from the aquarium depot and some colorful granite we found in the area.
    If we find a bug in the house we just throw it in – the fish love em.

    What about keeping the 135 where it is and putting another one downstairs? (I think Fred mentioned a marine tank at one point)

  2. Fred says:

    Other Fred>> The bottle on top was actually the result of using that picture in another post to talk about algae killer (that bottle is algae destroyer advanced — an aboslutely amazing product).

    I would love to have a marine tank too, but the extra work is just too much. It is possible that the smaller corner tank will make it into the basement, but it will probably stay freshwater. I can’t afford another expensive hobby 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    I think the fish are beautiful!

  4. Chris P says:

    I’d definitely agree that aquariums can serve a valuable decorative purpose. Beyond that, they serve as good conversation starters and places for the too-introspective to gather at parties…. I wouldn’t agree that other pets make good decorations. Something about the noise and often-forced interaction with them that pushes them out of being mere decoration. Fish, especially the exotic and beautiful ones, serve an almost Frank Lloyd Wright nature brought close function in a home… Not that FLW would incorporate them into a building design!

  5. Erin M says:

    After years of keeping freshwater fish, we have moved on to saltwater tanks. It’s really not any harder than freshwater when you have a large enough tank and plenty of filtration. We have plenty of live rock that the fish feed off of and other than needing a pitcher of water dumped in occasionally and the algae scrapped off the glass there’s not really much we have to do to the tank anymore. To save money we shop at “That Fish Place” in Lancaster PA

  6. Chris M says:

    I think fish can but a giant squaking bird that can draw blood doesn’t count as Home Decor just a general annoyance and insurance risk!

  7. Pat Bedding says:

    I had to chuckle cause I too cried whenever my fish died off. I kept bettas which are gorgeous like yours, and only in 5 gallon tanks and thank the Lord I never had a tank fall through the floor-lol! Do they count as home decor..? I think actually they do, just because of their colors and how they add beauty to a space, but of course they must still be taken care of properly.

  8. shaun says:

    i also keep fish in an 111 gallon tank , a 90 gallon tank a 40 gallon and a small hexagon that holds about 60 liters we have alsorts of fish from blue claw lobsters to convict chiclids blood parrots birchers ect ect ect to any to name . we love are fish and dont see them as a decoration but as our family pets. i can understand tho why poeple get them as decor cos they are beutiful. i wouldnt give are up for world. poeple that get a fish tank for decor should still look up what to do cos other wise it isnt fair on the fish. they deserve the best

  9. Paul&Aundrea says:

    I cried when our first fish died too…it’s a girl thing. With as much money and time as you put into making your fish tank beautiful, it should be upstairs where you can enjoy it as much as possible.

  10. HANDYMAN51 says:

    Hey, guys can be sensitive about fish dying, too. I had a large Oscar launch himself out of a tank with a makeshift cover ( which my son assured me would be substantial enough to use) and found the poor thing dead on the floor the next morning. Sadder still: He’d been blind in one eye for a very long time, and THAT was the eye facing up. He spent his last gill- gasping moments closely staring into a brown houndstooth rug. ( Someone please pass the tissues!) Shortly thereafter, another son wanted the tank. It had a large goldfish in it, and I searched for an adoptive tank. I then noted the fish had parasitic ” angel worms”. Son #1 said, ” Just toss it out for a cat to eat.” I refused to dishonor it that way, and sadly, but quickly, killed it. It is sad to lose ANY pet. By the way, I think you should place the fish wherever they would bring you most enjoyment. You have a beautiful assortment of colors there!

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