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May 7, 2011 | by Fred (email) |

Banners and links offer a way for you to capitalize on 100% of the traffic that enters our site. A well-designed, relevant banner ad will generate thousands of impressions and clicks through to your site, leading to increased brand awareness, and increased sales.

We offer several banner and link locations on the site that appear on almost every page. Occasionally we adjust this list. Currently, we offer the following locations:

  • Two(2) 160×90 Banner (right side of header section).
  • One (1) 900 x 150 or smaller Banner (below site footer).
  • One (1) 300 x 300 or smaller Big Block in the sidebar
  • Multiple smaller ad slots.

Banners and links must be purchased in monthly increments. There is a 10% discount for puchasing a 3 month block, and a 20% discount for purchasing a 6 month block.  Please contact for rates and details.

We strive to offer highly competitive rate structures and to provide a simplified advertising process!

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