Before & After: Stairway Remodel

October 23, 2010 | by Ethan (email) |

Even though our Before & After series is over, we wanted to share at least one more very impressive story. Laurie from Handy Man, Crafty Woman has a great stairway remodel that was just too good to pass up. Unfortunately, this project wasn’t eligible for the B&A series but she was kind enough to let us share it away!

Here’s the scoop:

I recently came across some photos of our stairway renovation. I can’t believe this was completed in fall of 2007. It seems like we just did it!

Some of these photos are so embarrassing! Oh well. There used to be drywall on the left of the stairs, and a low, odd looking piece of wood trim. To the right, there was a WALL that we demolished. Yes, a whole wall. We pulled that down, to make the two rooms at the front of our house more open.









You can see Handy Man’s legs and feet here, ha ha!

What a mess it was, knocking down that wall. I guess I didn’t take any photos of that part of the project. There was drywall dust everywhere! Then we took a break from renovations and I had to look at this ugly, carpeted staircase for a while. Yuck!

It’s not that I hate carpet, but this was all dirty and worn out, and we just prefer wood floors and stairs.

Handy man started working on the treads. I was getting so excited at this point!

I painted the risers with a glossy white paint.

There was a lot of drywall patching and painting to do on this side.

And then…the handrails…Didn’t Handy Man do a great job? This would have cost a fortune if we hired someone to do it. Although the materials for this weren’t cheap, at least we didn’t have to add labor costs.

Hey, you can see our Christmas tree in the background in this one! We finished it in fall 2007, but it wasn’t until December that I realized that I needed to take finished photos.







Don’t these stairs look awesome! Thanks Laurie for sharing this project with us.

What do you think? Do you like the new and improved?

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  1. Tammy OHagan says:

    Absolutely LOVE the new!!!!

  2. Oh man, that is so impressive! I don’t know why people built houses with those weird enclosed stairs….this is so much better.

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