Before & After: An Ugly Poem

September 19, 2011 | by Ethan (email) |

This week is our very last Before & After, and I’m pleased to share a fun poem from Lauren over at Meet My Ugly Baby. If you’ve never seen her site, it’s all about her hideous offspring. And by hideous I mean awesome, and by offspring I mean Vancouver renovation. Enjoy!

After this week, I’ll share a quick recap of all the B/A stories we’ve featured and open up the voting for about a week. After the votes are tallied, we’ll share the grand prize winner who will receive a $150 gift card to the home improvement store of their choice!

The Ugly Baby Poem


There once was a girl named Lauren,
To whom “dirty DIY” was totally foreign.


They live in Vancouver, it’s stupid expensive,
So they bought an apartment and launched an offensive.

To renovate and attack, in just over a year,
“House with a view” the goal was clear.

“Flip an apartment?” Where to begin?
First the wallpaper: original sin.

The popcorn ceiling put up a fight,
As did the shag carpet – not a delight.

Our bedroom was dirty, dark and dreary,
Yellow with white! Much more cheery.

Next up, the kitchen, and Harvest Gold,
We repainted the cabinets, lo and behold.

We hope you like our year-in-review
Up next: our bathroom, DIYed with kung fu.


Thanks Lauren

This is a terrific recap showing a lot of hard work, and I think it’s first-rate!

Habitat for Humanity Factoid

I found an interesting article on about how the tanking economy isn’t bad for all business. With builders looking to unload lots fast, Habitat for Humanity Portland branch was able to purchase enough land for 150 houses! That’ll keep them busy for up to 5 years. Read the article to learn more about how Habitat was able to seize a great opportunity.

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6 Responses
  1. paintergal says:

    Great transformation! And I love the descriptive poetry. We have replaced those same harvest gold appliances in two different houses. They must have been a popular choice back in the day. Maybe like stainless will be in the future? 😉

  2. Eek565 says:

    It appears Lauren is a big Ikea fan. I recognize those track halogen lights from our recent kitchen makeover.

  3. MissFixIt says:

    IKEA is great got a few gems from them. Wow what a breath of fresh air the after photos are you must feel so good. Being from Canada myself I know of the outrageous cost to live in Vancouver and if thats your view wow it was probably still a pretty penny but I’m sure way less then other nicely renewed spots. I dream to visit Vancouver one day soon!

  4. Doug says:

    Lauren, excellent work and documentation. Clearly, you did a lot with paint and to show your personality in this renovation. Has the renovation stopped or have you caught the DIY bug? :^)

  5. JustME says:

    Oh for that view even I’d peel wallpaper!

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