Hand Lettering with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

January 6, 2017 | by Jocie (email) |


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I got the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil not too long ago, mainly for the purposes of Hand Lettering (especially on the go) and have quickly fallen in love. Overall, it was fairly easy to set up and use, especially if you are already practiced in hand lettering and use of PhotoShop or other photo editing programs.  Even if you aren’t practiced in those areas, its pretty intuitive and easy to pick up (even for this non-tech girl).

Basic Tools for Hand Lettering with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

I got the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and LOVE the bigger screen, because with art the canvas size really does make a big difference. I also chose the 128 GB so I wouldn’t run out of storage for apps and photos. I included a link for my case only because I put a TON of thought into it and love it! I like that it is slim, displays the pretty gold back of the iPad Pro, and protects the front and the back. Oh, and it has a pencil holder, which is HUGE!

I started with a few, great tutorials from Dawn Nicole,, and Everyday Tuesday – they are great resources if you are getting started! That being said, be sure to check back with me for more great videos on hand lettering with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, using Procreate.

Getting Started with Your iPad Pro, Apple Pencil + Procreate

This video walks you through syncing your iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and also how to get started with Procreate, highlighting different functions and how to use the app for hand lettering.

I realized after the fact the the top right corner of the iPad was cut off in the video, so feel free to use this chart to help you find all the functions in Procreate!


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