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August 6, 2012 | by Jocie (email) |

As you read last week, the hubby and I are laying out in Jamaica for an adults only vacation with the family. Try not to be jealous. Our friend, Linda from It All Started With Paint was kind enough to guest post. In addition to making fabulous pillows and redesigning some amazing rooms in her home, Linda has done several really cool Anthropologie knock-offs. Hope you enjoy her creative projects and hop over to It All Started With Paint to show her some love!

Anthropology: The academic study of humanity. Concerns include human life and origins.

Anthropologie: The retail study of humanity. Concerns include influencing human behavior while relieving said humans of their hard-earned cash …

When the Anthropologie store showed up in our Chicago Lakeview neighborhood, I didn’t give it a second thought. It was a place I’d stroll through while waiting for my prescription to be filled at the CVS next door.

Honestly, it was too rich (read: pricey) for my stay-at-home-wages. Wages paid out in hugs and kisses.

Now, the pre-stay-at-home-Linda who was paid in hard cold cash? Yeah, that successfully businesswoman Linda? She would’ve jumped up and down for joy when the Anthropologie opened. And she would’ve spent quite a good deal of her not-paid–in-hugs-and-kisses wages on clothes and accessories for herself and her home ….

But the current day stay-at-home-mom-Linda-who-is-paid-in-hugs-and-kisses-wages? Yeah, that Linda. She has to resort to crafting her own Anthropologie knock-offs.

Like these faux metal letter projects …

Fantel Easy Peasy 3
* * * click on the picture for the tutorial * * *

faux_metallic_silver_letter_with_paint for its_a_cinch
***click on the picture for the tutorial***

… and these confetti glass knock-offs …

***click on the picture for the tutorial***

And that stay-at-home-mom-Linda-who-is-paid-in-hugs-and-kisses-wages even knocked off an Anthropologie in-store display …

***click on the picture for the tutorial***

… because she’s shameless that way.

Anthropolome: The human study of Anthropologie merchandise. Concerns include creating on-the-cheap knock-offs …

P.S. A huge thank you to Jocie & Kim for inviting me to guest post here … on their fabulous blog!

What should Linda’s next Anthropologie knock-off be? Do you have homemade knock-offs you have made?

As Always, thanks for reading!

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  1. trebor says:

    Hmm I’d never heard of Anthropologie before. Which is fine because I feel like I’m not missing out on anything

  2. Linda and her Anthro knock-offs are amazing!

  3. frazzled5 says:

    The polka dot glasses- perfect for teachers gifts!

  4. I’m late to post … but thanks again ladies for having me here!



  5. JustME says:

    Ha! Linda I’ve been watching your transformations on Hometalk. My favorite is the confetti glasses. Too cute!

  6. Blondeerin79 says:

    the confetti glasses are cute! I wonder if it would work on my clear plastic glasses? I wouldn’t be able to bake them…

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