Lucy’s 2nd Birthday Bug Party

January 31, 2013 | by Jocie (email) |

Tuesday morning we hosted a bug party in honor of Lucy’s 2nd birthday party!

BugParty - OPC The Better Half

This may have been my favorite party theme yet, and I didn’t even spend very much.


I made these super cute invitations for the party using my printer and Silhouette. They turned out adorable and I designed it myself (no Pinterest inspiration here! lol). The downside – I made them a weird size so I didn’t have any envelopes to mail them. Oops. So I sent an email to the moms and gave them the invitation AT the party! #fail

Bug Invitation - OPC The Better Half


Awhile ago, Angie from Marigold Mom linked up her Lady Bug lanterns at our weekly Humble Brag link party, and I fell in love!! I told then I was totally going to have a Bug party just to make these lanterns – and I did. So here is my version, plus a bumblebee version. I love them sooo much!



Once I put the lanterns up, I put up a ridiculous amount of streamers. I mean, a lot. But it was a cheap way to add color.

Bug Lanterns - OPC The Better Half

On the table I also found a cute, yellow lantern from Ikea that only cost $3 (ish)! I know, pretty fab, right?

OPC The Better Half

Using my new best friend, Camie (my Silhouette Cameo, that is), I made a super cute banner. I designed the bee and lady bug myself, too. It probably would have been a better investment of time to just buy the designs, because it took me forever!

Banner - OPC The Better Half

Lucy and Izzie own several bumblebees that I also put out to add to the bug theme.

OPC The Better Half

Bug Attire

I love dressing the girls up to go with the theme of the party. A post will be coming soon, but I made a shirt and rainbow tutu for Lucy for the big party. Lucy doesn’t let me take her picture, but here is a really cute one of Lucy saying “cheese” so my wonderful photographer friend, Ruth could take her picture.

OPC The Better Half

I also made bug antennae for each of the little girls. Lucy did a great job of keeping hers on most of the party, to my surprise. Here is Lucy and her buddy, Avery (another amazing pic from Avery’s mom, Ruth).

OPC The Better Half

I also hit up the Dollar Store for bug wings and colorful necklaces. These were a big hit with the bigger girls, especially Izzie.

OPC The Better Half

Each of the kids also got bug tattoos – a bumblebee or lady bug that I got for $1.99/24 tattoos at Party City.



OPC The Better Half


I tried not to go to over the top for the food since it was a small crowd and a morning party, but the bug cupcakes turned out super cute and a wonderful part of the decor.


Bug Cupcakes - OPC The Better Half

Here’s the birthday girl with her cupcake and then eating it like a puppy! hahaha Or maybe she just didn’t want to get her hands dirty.


OPC The Better Half

I also made little bug chocolates using a plastic mold and the colored melting candies. Some didn’t turn out so pretty but the kids loved them anyway.

OPC The Better Half

And then some pretzels and raisins – bugs on sticks!

OPC The Better Half

Keebler’s Bug Graham crackers – super yummy!

OPC The Better Half

I saw these on Pinterest awhile ago and had been waiting for the opportunity to make them. While these Trix Marshmallow treats aren’t bug themed, they went with my color scheme nicely.

OPC The Better Half

And here it is, all together!

Bug Lanterns - OPC The Better Half

OPC The Better Half

A Buggin’ Good Time

Lucy had a wonderful time with her friends and her friends were super sweet and got her some truly thoughtful gift. She has been carrying most of them around, even sleeping with them, ever since the party! lol!


OPC The Better Half

I’m a little sad that her birthday is all done, but not to worry, Izzie’s birthday is in two weeks! lol, So the fun will continue.

What do you think? What is you favorite party theme?

As always, thanks for reading!

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15 Responses
  1. What a sweet party! My son’s first birthday party was a ‘bee’ theme. Insects are just fun. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

  2. Megan says:

    Everything looks fantastic, Jocie! I love the desserts…especially those Trix treats. The lanterns are so adorable too.

  3. Mary Sue Paulis says:

    Everything looks terrific, food, decorations, and favors!

  4. Joanna says:

    That is amazing! I especially love the lanterns. I am going to try something similar with owls for my daughter’s birthday…so precious!

  5. Jacque says:

    Oh my gosh this party is too cute for words! You did an incredible job Jocie!!! Love it!

  6. naomipsalm77 says:

    Happy Birthday Lulu!!!!! I LOVE the lanterns (aka bugs!) SO adorable!

  7. Angie says:

    This party was absolutely adorable! Great job on all the little details! I love the cupcakes! =) I’m glad the lanterns worked out (and I love what you did for the bubble bees); thanks for the link. =)

  8. frazzled5 says:

    The lantern idea is amazing by itself, but then you threw in all the cupcakes, and banner- this party was adorable!! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  9. This is one seriously cute party! I love all the buggy details- the hanging lanterns are a great idea, and that lady bug cupcake is adorable- of course, cupcakes of any kind are my favorite. Love the pics of Lucy- she’s a doll!

  10. JustME says:

    Cute, cute and more cute Jocie! What a fun fun day all must have had.

  11. mom2kaelyn says:

    So colorful and fun! I love the lanterns and the bug cupcakes are great! Happy Birthday, Lucy! 🙂

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