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If you don’t have your  Premium Starter Kit yet, this is an awesome deal and a great way to get started. But if you do, all you have to do is log in to your Young Living account and order some awesome oily products!

Here’s all the details below. Better make it quick, though. This offer ends at midnight on February 29, 2016. Don’t miss out!

February 2016 PV Promo_Flyer_US_0116_sk_va.indd

How it works:

As usual with Young Living, the more you order, the more freebies you’ll get. This month you can get a

  • FREE15-ml Wintergreen Essential Oil
  • FREE 5 ml Patchouli Essential Oil
  • FREE I Heart Oils collection:  5-ml Joy, 15-ml Ylang Ylang, and 5-ml Grapefruit Vitality essential oils.
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Copaiba
  • 20 Essential Rewards points

A Premium Starter Kit is automatically 100 PV so if you purchase this month you would just need to add another 90, 150 or 200 PV to your cart (on that same order) to qualify for the monthly specials!

What are Monthly Specials?

Every month Young Living gives you FREE OILS AND GOODIES with your order of 190, 250 or 300 PV or more. PV stands for product value and usually equates to dollar amount. Sometimes products have a lower PV than dollar value so be careful to watch the PV total in your cart to make sure you qualify.

Note: PV minimum must be purchased in a single order to qualify. In other words, you can’t order three different shipments throughout the month and get the monthly specials, they all have to be in one cart to qualify. I made that mistake in the beginning and learned the hard way, so hopefully you won’t have to.

Just place the items in your cart that you want to purchase and once you get to 190, 250 or 300 PV this month’s specials will automatically be added. I’ve highlighted them here in purple so you can see what they look like as a retail customer:


The details:

With your qualifying order, you can earn free bottles of Wintergreen, Patchouli, and Copaiba essential oils, free Essential Rewards points, and more. As a February-only bonus, you can also earn our I Heart Oils collection filled with three sweet oils: Joy™, Ylang Ylang, and Grapefruit Vitality™. Earn these free products with your qualifying February order:
300 PV
Retail Value: $209.48 

  • 15-ml Wintergreen: Wintergreen essential oil has a refreshing, unique, and minty aroma that deserves a place in every collection.
  • 5-ml Patchouli: Patchouli essential oil may improve the appearance of dry, dull skin and is often diffused for its grounding, peaceful aroma.
  • 20 Essential Rewards points: Earn 20 additional Essential Rewards points with your qualifying order. Your Essential Rewards points can be used like cash toward many of your favorite products!
  • I Heart Oils collection: Our exclusive Valentine’s Day collection includes three sweet member favorites: 5-ml Joy, 15-ml Ylang Ylang, and 5-mlGrapefruit Vitality essential oils.
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Copaiba: Copaiba essential oil features a unique, pleasant, exotic aroma and is an important ingredient in our Stress Away™ essential oil blend.

250 PV
Retail Value: $122.31

  • 20 Essential Rewards points
  • 15-ml Wintergreen
  • 5-ml Patchouli
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Copaiba

190 PV
Retail Value: $102.31

  • 15-ml Wintergreen
  • 5-ml Patchouli
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Copaiba  

10% off all Kits!!

Ready to get started with Essential Oils? Starter Kits are the easiest and most cost effective way! And until the end of the month, Young Living is offering them at 10% off!! Thats huge! 


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Hooray for freebies!!

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