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May 5, 2008 | by Fred (email) |

Everyday, millions of people turn to the web to purchase goods and services.   Potential customers increasingly rely on the new media (independent blogs and web sites) for guidance on what product or service to choose among the myriad of options available.  As a result, a positive review on a trusted, well-designed site like One Project Closer provides high value to product and service vendors.

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How do Potential Customers Find Your Review?

Regular visitors will read the review as it runs in the chronology of articles on the site.  More valuable, however, are search engine results pages that include our reviews.  One Project Closer is a heavily search engine optimized site designed to encourage search engine users to visit our pages to find the information they seek.  If they are searching for “[Your Product Name] Review” it is probable (although not guaranteed) that our review will be within the top 1-20 rankings.

Are Your Reviews Objective?

As a trusted source of information, One Project Closer provides independent, objective reviews of products and services.  That said, we really enjoy and prefer to write positive reviews whenever possible. There’s no more enjoyable part of publishing than to let everyone know of a positive experience with a good or service.  Please be sure your product lives up to your claims.  If it doesn’t, either clearly disclose those limitations, or go back to the drawing board and fix them.   Remember, people tell 3 friends when they have a good experience, and 10 when they don’t.

Is there a Fee for Reviews?

No, there are no fees.  You should expect to pay shipping and handling.

What Other Ways Can I Promote My Product?

There are two other ways you can promote your product on this site:

  1. Product Giveaways: Provide us a product to give away (at random) to our readers.  This often generates incoming links to your product review on our site, and usually results in a review of your product on the recipient’s site (assuming they also operate a site).
  2. Paid Advertising: Pay for ad placement on this site.

Contact Us

We promptly reply to inquiries.  E-mail us at for initial discussions.

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