I’m One Project Closer! {DIY Link It Up #1}

January 20, 2012 | by Kim (email) |

We’re starting a new feature here at One Project Closer!

There are hundreds of fabulous crafts, how-to’s, reviews, and great decorating ideas in the DIY community. We sometimes submit our craft and how-to projects to other sites, but we’ve never run our own link-it-up party here.

Well, here goes. We hope you’ll join us!

Submit your project using the link widget below! Next week, we’ll pick the top 4-8 submission on the list and highlight them with big pictures and links back to your site, (and we’ll run DIY Link-It-Up #2 so you can link up your next craft!) We’ve already added one of our own just to get things started.

Stop back Every FRIDAY to MONDAY to Link It Up!

  • SUBMIT! up to three projects (crafts, how-to’s, decor, reviews, or really anything home improvement related) from your site. Use the link to the article (rather than your site’s homepage).
  • LINK BACK! from your original article to this post so other people can join the party! (The more the merrier!)
  • SUBSCRIBE! (see sidebar) to receive updates from our site! Want to learn more about the four of us at OPC? Read here!

and one “don’t”…

  • DON’T link up Giveaways, ETSY Stores, For-Sale stuff, etc.

We’re working on a “Featured on One Project Closer” button for you to grab for your own site! Look for that next week!


Don’t forget to LINK BACK! to this post from your original post after you submit!

… and why not visit and comment on some of the other entries too!…

22 Responses
  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for hosting! Congrats on your first party!

  2. Karah @ thespacebetweenblog says:

    Hi Kim! Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s nice to e-meet you. 🙂 And thanks for the invite, I’m glad to know about the party! Do you guys have a blog button? I have a “Let’s Party” page on my blog where I post all link parties I participate in (by day of the week) and I’d love to add you guys!

    • Kim says:

      Karah, it’s great to e-meet you too! We’re still working on a button for the party. We’re trying to find the right design theme for it! (and Fred needs to work on getting our party its own spot on the home page too). I’m looking forward to reading through the projects and picking a few to highlight — that’s the best part. Your pallet art is really innovative and rustic; thanks for submitting it!

  3. Jake says:

    This may make me get my own DIY blog/domain for all my projects I’m about to do in the next year or so after I buy my house.

    • Kim says:

      Jake, you definitely should! Setting up a blog these days is pretty easy. There are literally hundreds of great blogs out there. You should add your voice!

  4. Fun party! Woot! I totally linked up 5 projects. Whoops. Don’t be mad! I just had way too many good ones to choose from. LOL. No really, I accidentally didn’t read the rules before I linked. Sorry!

    I’m linking back to your party in my siggy line under “Sometimes I participate in these parties:…”

    Have a fab weekend!

    • Kim says:

      Allison, That is TOTALLY cool! No worries about the 5 entries. I’m really glad you stopped by and contributed. And THANKS for adding us to your party list. Hopefully more people will see ours and swing on by. Love your site! You are really creative!

  5. Heather says:

    Just found you via The Space Between…can’t wait to see what all the DIY projects. I’m your newest subscriber. Would love for you to follow back.

    PS. Linked up my $5 spray paint makeover

    • Kim says:

      Heather, thanks for stopping by! (and for submitting your great spray paint makeover!). We’ve got some DIY projects coming this week. Jocie’s little girl just turned one this weekend and she threw a fabulous party–all the details on that are coming from Jocie later this week!

      Ethan’s also finishing up a pro-follow on building a custom shed that should lead to an awesome How-To manual for those brave enough to go for it on their own. The first installment is on our home page under “The Latest”… And I know that Fred just got the last drill we needed to do a “Best of 2012” Drill driver comparison based on some tests in our workshop. He’s been waiting on that for like a month!

      So we’ve got a lot going on. Glad to make you a reader and I hope you’ll come back often. We’ll definitely grab your RSS and follow you back. Jocie is our resident Pinner – so I’ll let her know to pick you up on Pinterest too!


      P.S. Did you sign up for a Project Rewards account here? (Check out the top of our site for more information. We give away cool stuff to folks who comment!)

  6. Connie says:

    Thanks so much for the invitation to your brand new link party, how exciting!!

  7. Paul&Aundrea says:

    I love Link Up parties. They not only satisfy my daily addiction for DIY project/craft ideas, they also help me find more fabulous blogs to subscribe too!

  8. Icarus says:

    thanks for doing this. By the way, you know how you give us 2 pts for logging in every 24 hours? could you maybe tweak the code? I usually visit in the morning before work and if exactly 24 hours hasn’t passed between visits, I may not get the chance to log in at work. Every 20 hours would probably do the trick…I know this might create a point generating loophole for some crafty person with a lot more free time than me.

  9. Ken says:

    I always wondered what link part was, and now I know!

    I think I’ll submit a post I’m working on right now about an odd sort of crown moulding I just installed in a friend’s kitchen.

    Can’t wait!

    • Kim says:

      Please do! That particular project is one Fred and I have been considering for our own kitchen, so we’ll be interested to see your work!

      • Ken says:

        Hi Kim,

        Jennifer and I are going to install a nice traditional three-piece crown moulding in our kitchen in early Feb. It will be the first stage of a total moulding makeover in our little townhouse. We’ll buy the materials from Lowes, so any of your readers will be able to replicate it exactly.

        We love One Project Closer, and we reference it often for many of our non-moulding related tasks around the house. Thanks for creating such a great site!

        Ken and Jennifer

    • Fred says:


      Glad to have you weighing in! I’d love to see some of your carpentry in the mix. We’d also love to have you guest post a project sometime, if you’d be interested!

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