Porter Cable 18 Volt JobSite Radio Review (PC18JR)

December 9, 2010 | by Ethan (email) |

Porter Cable recently shipped us an 18 Volt Cordless / 120 Volt Corded JobSite Radio to review. I’ll be honest, initially I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of writing about a radio but after spending hours working on Fred’s deck, I’ve come to really appreciate it. Plus, Porter Cable included some nice features.

18 Volt JobSite Radio

JobSite Radio (PC18JR) Review

Overall, I was really pleased with this radio. It’s a simple device that functions well and will stand-up to rigorous use. The power pass through and protective roll cage are welcome features and the auxiliary input is a nice touch. The controls operate as expected with a backlit display for easy visibility.

Porter Cable JobSite Radio


There are several features worth highlighting.

Porter Cable took steps to ensure this radio would be rugged and durable. That means weather-resistant speakers, a heavy-duty power cord, flexible antenna, and a protective roll cage that doubles as a handle.

The JobSite radio can be powered with 18 volt NiCad or Lithium Ion batteries. I used a spare NiCad and it lasted 5 hours with no signs of stopping. When it’s running on AC power, the two outlets each act as a 120v pass-through. This is especially handy when you’re short on outlets (like running off a generator). A convenient cord wrap is located on the underside.

JobSite Radio

The controls are backlit for easy visibility and the buttons are well-spaced for gloved hands. The radio includes all the features you expect like seek, volume, memory and audio fine tuning (like bass). There’s also a 3.5mm auxiliary input for mp3 and CD players. I doubt anyone will use it very often but it’s good addition.

What do you think? What job-site radio do you use?

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  1. jeff_williams says:

    “What do you think? What job-site radio do you use?”
    I don’t use any of them. I have a few dewalt cordless tools but their radio isn’t very good. It only really works as a shop radio because it will go dead (and take the presets with it) over a weekend. None of the other radios appeal to me since I don’t have any of the tools to go with it. The radios are really companion tools. A person has to pick cordless tools first before a radio, not the other way around. If one of the companies made a great radio with somewhat native universal charging I’d be all over it. Granted it would make the radio larger though.

  2. HANDYMAN51 says:

    That looks like a “monster truck” of a job-site radio. If I needed one, that one would be a contender.

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