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March 3, 2016 | by Jocie (email) |


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen in the past few months I have been working hard on my handlettering and water color. If you don’t follow me…what are you waiting for?? Get over there and say hi! 🙂 Anyway, many people have asked for printable  versions of my art, and I am so humbled!

I have a bunch of favorites over the past months that I thought I would show you, in case you missed out. You can see I have a specific style and type of lettering I like most. haha But I’m trying to learn more each week and try new styles! And I guess art is in our blood. Both my girls ages 5 and 7, love painting with me. The younger used her birthday money to buy watercolor supplies and has been painting the most beautiful butterflies. The older one has amazing handwriting and enjoys making pretty sayings. Oh, and I should mention that at six she could forge my signature so that I couldn’t even tell the difference. I’m in trouble… lol.


How to Sign Up for FREE Printables!

So here’s how it’s going to work…I will email out a free printable each week with our newsletter. woot! You don’t get to pick the printable and you don’t get all the archived printables, but if you see something you like on my Instagram, comment there that you want it to be a free printable with the newsletter and I can try to make it happen! For our newsletter subscribers, I promise, I don’t spam you. I send out one email a week on Thursdays, sharing a recent or seasonal post, a link party reminder, sometimes an Instagram fave of the week, and NOW a free printable. You can unsubscribe without hassle at any time, but who would want to miss out on the fun? 🙂

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