Project Rewards: Our Readership Loyalty Program

July 7, 2011 | by Fred (email) |

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Do you love rewards? What about getting rewards for stopping by one of your favorite sites?

We thought so.

Whether this is your first time stopping by, or if you’ve been visiting our site for years, we’ve got an exciting new offering that we think you’re really going to love. It’s called Project Rewards, and here’s how it works.

OPC Reader Rewards

How it Works

Earning Points: You earn Project Points (pp) for various actions on our site, like logging in (worth 2pp once/day), or by leaving a valid comment on an article (worth 5pp /valid comment). You can also earn points through special promotions, like visiting certain advertisers’ sites, giving us feedback on new features, entering other giveaways, etc.

Spending Points: You spend Project Points in our Rewards Center, which includes auctions for home improvement gift cards, tools, services, and more. Auctions close just about every other day, so there’s plenty of opportunities to bid and win. In the near future, we’ll be rolling out even bigger incentives in our Rewards Center, so stay tuned!

Keeping an Eye on the Competition: Want to see how you’re stacking up against other readers? Check out the Leaderboard, which shows you the top 50 point holders at any given time. Every now and then we’ll dole out a prize to whoever’s at the top of the Leaderboard, so keep an eye out!

Losing Points: We don’t want you to lose points, but we have to draw the line somewhere. So here goes. You can lose points for:

  • Spammy commenting. Comments that don’t contribute to the conversation, are self-promoting or mean have no place here. If we delete a comment because it’s spammy, you lose 7pp. If it becomes a repeat problem, you’ll lose your account.
  • Going AWOL. If you don’t login for more than a month, your point total is erased.
  • Shady Behavior. The Project Rewards program is designed to be a fun! Participate in the actual spirit of the program and you won’t have any trouble. If we detect shady, manipulative tactics, we’ll ban your account.

How to Get Started Earning

You can get started by registering for an account. In fact, we’ll give you 10pp just to get started! Remember when registering that your username cannot be changed after you sign up. You will have the ability to change the name displayed when you comment, but you’re stuck with the username you originally pick.

The Not-So-Fine Print

Everything on our site is subject to our Terms and Conditions. We operate this program with integrity; however, for legal purposes, it’s worth noting a few things here:

  • This program is operated at our discretion and can be discontinued at any time.
  • Project Points (pps) have no cash value.
  • Project Points can be added or subtracted to users at our discretion.
  • At any time, before or after winning an auction, we can choose not to honor the results of an auction for any reason.
  • The programs rules can change at any time, without notice.
  • Any attempts to manipulate the program will result in a banned account. Remember, we have to ship the goods ourselves for these auctions, so we will be interacting with you personally upon a win.
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