Quick Take: The $25 Ryobi 18V High-Volume Power Inflator (Model: P738)

October 21, 2017 | by Fred (email) |

Today we’re taking a quick look at one of Ryobi’s least expensive ONE+ tool offerings, the under-$25 P738 High Volume Power Inflator.

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Out of the box the inflator is one of Ryobi’s simplest tools. It has only 3 parts – the tool itself and two nozzles that connect to the tool to change the shape of the tip. Sold as a “bare tool”, the P738 is not sold with a battery, which makes sense. Once you own 2-3 Ryobi batteries, there’s no need to buy additional batteries and chargers for additional tools.

We grabbed one of our Ryobi ONE+ batteries to give the 18V High Volume Inflator a try around our shop. Here’s what we noticed:

  • Airflow is adequate for quickly clearing work surfaces of sawdust or other small particle debris, but the P738 isn’t as powerful as a traditional blower nozzle connected to a pancake compressor, which has long been our go-to for clearing a work area. That said, the P738 is much faster to setup than the compressor and you don’t have to wait for a compressor to fill with air before using it – making the P738 useful for quick clean-up activities.
  • As the packaging suggests, we think the P738 would be great for accelerating charcoal or even using as bellows for a wood fire on a camping trip to really get things started, though we didn’t try it.
  • Certainly will work for blowing up air mattresses and pool toys with the included nozzles.
  • There’s a little more vibration in the tool than we’d prefer for a handtool like this. But we assume no one is going to be holding this tool for more than 10 minutes at a stint, anyway.
  • The tool is a bit loud.

Who is This Tool Right For?

  • Folks who are already bought into Ryobi’s ONE+ Line of 18v tools (since this tool does not come with a battery or charger).
  • Campers who need a solution for inflating air mattresses, starting wood/charcoal fires, etc.
  • Carpenters who want a quick solution for blowing their work area clear.

Price and Where to Buy:

At just under $25, the Ryobi is priced right for folks already bought into the ONE+ line up who need an inflator on hand. You can buy directly from the Home Depot at this link:

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