Ridgid Palm Nailer Review

September 30, 2017 | by Ethan (email) |

I’m excited to share the next tool in our on-going partnership with The Home Depot #ProSpective. Today we are taking a closer look at the Ridgid R350PNF Palm Nailer. If you’ve ever used a palm nailer before, you know how invaluable they are for applications like nailing joist hangers. The small size makes it great for working in tight spaces. The R350PNF operates at 70-120 psi and drives fasteners ranging in length from 1-1/2 – 3-1/2″.

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Tool-Free Depth Adjustment

We are big proponents of the tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment. This allows a user to set the nail to the appropriate depth depending on the application. All you have to do is turn the depth selector left or right, and it’s a good idea to drive a test nail afterward.

Aluminum Housing and Zinc Top Cap

Durable materials are an important consideration for any quality tool. Ridgid also built the R350PNF for optimal weight (2.6 lbs.) and reduced vibration (reduced user fatigue).

Textured Grip

The micro-texture hex is comfortable and makes it easy to maintain a secure grip. This is true for just about all Ridgid products, and it’s why their tools just feel good in your hand.

Nail Magnet

When you load a nail, the magnetic nail guide holds the fastener securely in place

Adjustable Strap

The strap is useful because it helps reduce user fatigue. Not only is the hand strap length adjustable for different sized hands, it can also be switched for left or right handedness.

Swivel Quick Connect

Like a lot of air tools these days, Ridgid included a 1/4″ swivel quick connect. This helps keep the air hose in a comfortable orientation.

The Ridgid R350PNF is a great palm nailer, enabling users to drive nails up to 2x faster and with less vibration than mini palm nailers. It’s available from The Home Depot at the competitive price of $59.98. Of course it comes with the amazing Ridgid lifetime service agreement.

Additional Features

  • Self-cleaning inlet filter
  • Includes R350PNf, installed quick connect, oil, wrench, manual
  • Fastener Type: Bulk Nails
  • Fastener Rage: 4d – 16d
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