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December 27, 2008 | by Fred (email) |

One Project Closer is one of the most popular home improvement giveaway sites on the web. Our monthly giveaways are regularly featured on as many as 10 other blogs and gain hundreds or even thousands of entries. We allow you to supply all the copy for the articles that describe your product, or we can write the copy for you. See the benefits section below for a complete list of reasons why sponsoring a giveaway might be right for you!

How to Sponsor a Giveaway

Sponsoring a giveaway is easy. Start by e-mailing us at

For products: You must ship us the product ahead of time. We’ll pay shipping to the final destination.

For services: You must supply us a voucher for the service ahead of time.

Benefits of Sponsoring a Giveaway

  • Gives your product or service exposure to thousands of potential home improvement readers and searchers, leading to increased sales.
  • Generates up to three articles (announcement, reminder, and winner announcement) on our site with links back to your site, product information page, or sales page. Often generates links on other blogger’s sites as they enter the contests.
  • Your product giveaway is featured on our home page for up to 1 month (in the large graphic area below the header).
  • The giveaway and your company’s web site are featured on the left side of our main blog page.
  • Easy to execute – You to supply the copy and pictures; or we can develop copy and pictures for you.
  • Generates goodwill in the home improvement blog community.

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