The Best Phillips and Flat Head Combination Screwdriver

December 1, 2009 | by Fred (email) |

combination-screwdriver-300Traditional manual screwdrivers aren’t the sexiest of home improvement tools, but they are essential… A good screwdriver can speed along simple and complex home improvement projects alike. While there’s a myriad of combination screwdriver options on the market competing for your hard-earned cash, there’s one version of this tool that we think every home improver ought to own: the 6-in-1 combination screwdriver. There’s a number of manufacturers who make this tool or one very similar to it (some versions are only 4-in-1). If we had to own just one screwdriver, this one would be it.

So what makes this combination screwdriver so special?

  • It includes the 4 most common head sizes (2 phillips, 2 flat), covering 98% of all fastening jobs.
  • Doubles as a nut driver for the 2 most common nut sizes.
  • Sports extremely fast changeover times, especially from flat-head to phillips-head, without sorting through bits that fall on the floor or easily get lost.
  • Self-stores all the pieces inside an easy-grip frame.

How the 6-in-1 Screwdriver Works

Take a look at how this screwdriver is built..

6-in-1 screwdriver



With little effort, you can change from phillips to flat head in just 3 seconds. Even the most complex change which involves turning the shaft and an individual bit takes about 6 seconds. Try to get those times with screwdrivers that come with separate bits… especially those with a screw-top handle where the bits are stored.  This 6-in-1 model is a big improvement that eliminates sorting through bits.

Where to Buy?

Just about every home improvement store offers a version of this tool… You can find them at Lowes, Home Depot, and online at Amazon.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite screwdriver or other combination tool? Let us know so we can highlight it here!

4 Responses
  1. ArmchairDIY says:

    Some things I own and use and I do not give it much thought about, until now.
    I have carried a 4 in one driver in my tool belt for years and would not be without at least one.
    Were else can you get four good screw drives that are handy to use and carry for six or seven dollars?
    Heck get get several. I always have one in my tool belt, one in the junk drawer one in the shop and a few scattered around for good measure.

  2. Greg says:

    I have one that looks just like this, I’m pretty sure it’s a Fuller, but it must be the Canadian version: it has the larger Philips and flathead on one side, and a #1 and #2 Robertson (square) on the other.

    If I had to only take one screw driver with me, this would be it (and in fact, often it really is one of if not the only tool I take in lieu of taking an entire toolbox).

  3. HANDYMAN51 says:

    I’ve used a number of these in the past- have had some problems with the Phillips tips stripping, and recently had a retaining ” ball” fall out, making it impossible to keep the shaft secured. Anyone have a suggestion re: one that’s proven durable?

  4. PhotoEthan says:

    I recently picked up a Wera Kraftform Kompakt on Amazon. Not even vaguely cheap but the spring loaded bayonet feature is very nice and keeps the tool much smaller than it would otherwise be. And the bit storage is really nice too.

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