The Pass it On Project

April 26, 2012 | by Kim (email) |

Instead of another project, today I’m writing about the motivation for Jocie’s how-to from yesterday – the chain of encouragement and kindness of which we are fortunate to be a part this month at OPC’s The Better Half. A few weeks ago, we received a gift from Karah at The Space Between as part of her Pass it on Project, a community-building chain of kindness she and a few of her other blogger friends decided to start here in the blogosphere.

What is the Pass it On Project? Pass it On was started by a Karah and a few of her friends who wanted to send small hand-made gifts to a few of their favorite co-bloggers and then see where the gifts went, as each of those bloggers then passed on their own handmade gifts to others they, in turn, appreciate following.

Our Gift from The Space Between:  The cool, less-than-usual thing about the source of OUR gift is that Karah lives on the island of Curaçao, so she waited till she was here in the States on other business to even ship it.  AND our handmade photo frame from her comes complete with a photo from there on the island AND a gift tag made from Curaçao driftwood!  A nice personal touch, you’ve gotta admit.

It’s sitting just a few feet away from my noggin, as I write.

Cute, no?  It reminds me of warmer, sandier places which, as the pollen count climbs here in Maryland this April, is much appreciated!

We always enjoy our interactions with Karah because she’s just so very positive.  Probably in part because she gets so much sun, but we suspect it’s also largely because of her cool personality which would thrive even in the frozen north.

And so our challenge was to take the gift we received from her and pass it on to equally cool bloggers we also know.

And in that vein, it is our pleasure to pass on the encouragement to two of our favorite bloggers – Merrypad and Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup.  What’s so great about them?  Well, we’re gonna tell you:

Emily at Merrypad has been our blogging friend for a couple of years now.  She tackles both the big DIY renovation projects and the light finishes that we’ve tried to reflect on the two sides of our site, but she does it all on one site!  She has great taste and a strong work ethic.  And she’s friendly!  You should get to know her!

Elaine at Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup is a new friend of ours.  She and her family actually built their own house!  No lie.  And she’s near and dear to Fred’s and my hearts as she DIY’s her kids’ education, too!  Only she has eight (!!!) to our two.  She regularly participates in our Friday Link Parties, and I truly do not know where she finds the time.  It’s a bit amazing, actually.  We recommend getting to know her, too!

And in token of our appreciation of these two bloggers, we sent each of them one of Jocie’s newly-crafted Tile Coaster Sets.

If any of those of you reading this post are interested in jumping in on Pass it On, feel free to jump in!  This isn’t an invitation-only kind of thing!  Just link back to Karah’s post, please, so she can see the reach she’s had with her (we-wish-we’d-had-it!) idea.  And gift-away!  The point is to pass some kindness and encouragement around.  There are a lot of blogs out there – let those YOU most appreciate know you want them to continue doing what they do!

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  1. Ashley says:

    What a sweet gift! I loved my picture from Karah too!

  2. This is so fun! Seriously! It just makes me smile to see such thoughtful handmade items are getting passed on to those who inspire and motivate us! I so appreciate your kind words about my ‘sunny’ personality. haha You all at One Project Closer have been such a treasure to get to know. Your creativity and sheer range of knowledge about all things diy and home improvement is fun to follow along with.

    Thank you so much for Passing It On! I can’t wait to see what Emily and Elaine do to Pass It On!!

  3. Thank you, thank for my beautiful tiles! I just picked them up from my PO box. What a fun surprise. Now I’m still wracking my brain for an idea to sent to others. A great idea by that clever Karah! 😀

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