Two Years Ago Today

January 24, 2013 | by Jocie (email) |

Two years ago today, our beautiful Lucy Joyous came into the world.

OPC The Better Half

Our first, Izzie is a force of nature (like her Mama) – intense, passionate, loud, loves people and attention. From her first cry, we knew Lucy was different. She gave her cry, and then stopped to take in the world. Through blurry eyes, she gazed at her Daddy, the doctors and nurses who delivered her, and finally her Mommy. We were both so exhausted that we snuggled and dozed in and out of consciousness.

Here we are at the hospital the moment Izzie and Lucy first met – hopefully the start of a lifetime of friendship.

OPC The Better Half

Now as I look back, so much of her personality was there at birth. She is still my snuggle buddy. She is slow to wake up in the mornings and after naps, sitting quietly in my lap for as long as I will let her. She doesn’t like large crowds, but when around “her people,” she shines from the inside out with her silly humor and sweet nature.

Sometimes, I forget she is not like Izzie and me, instead taking after Ethan’s quiet strength and determination. But she (and Izzie) challenge us to parent and love them in their own way, according to their own strengths and needs. I’m so thankful for that!


This morning, Ethan, Izzie and I walked into Lucy’s room quietly singing “Happy Birthday” and Lucy just cried. Then we had pancakes for breakfast (a special treat) and gave her candles on top, again she cried. lol! Lucy is not a fan of the extra fuss or attention, and takes time to warm up to the excitement of holidays and parties. Fortunately for this extroverted, holiday-loving momma, now that the day has gone on, she has been excited to have special birthday attention.

OPC The Better Half

Now later in the day, in her favorite shirt!

OPC The Better Half

I can’t imagine our family without her. Her middle name “Joyous” is so fitting, not only because of the joy she brings us, but it more so, it is in her nature!

Here’s a little birthday fun for the kitchen chalkboard in Lulu’s honor today:

OPC The Better Half

As always, thanks for reading!

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12 Responses
  1. We’re at 36 weeks today and can’t wait to meet our little one to see what he or she may be like.

    • Jocie says:

      Oh my goodness, Jeff! I’m so excited for you guys!!! can’t wait to hear the good news – please let us know, once you all get settled in. 🙂

  2. Such sweet girls!! Time does fly… thanks for sharing!!

  3. naomipsalm77 says:

    I love it! :O) You’re a great mama!

  4. trebor says:

    I think it’s great that you recognize the different personalities of the kids. I’m reading the book Quiet (sub title: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking) and am realizing how often I see people (kids especially) being forced into a personality that they aren’t.

    The book has been great…really enlightening for myself (introverted) but also helpful for relating to others

  5. Happy birthday to Lucy! I love her expression with the pancakes- personality plus!

  6. JustME says:

    I may be late to the party here, but I did wish her happy birthday, on her birthday, on another thread. What adorable photos to capture the Kodak moments of her special day. Thanks for sharing Lucy special day with all of us, Jocie.

  7. poiboybf says:

    Such a nice post. We welcomed our first child, Marcus, into the world on 12/24/12, and haven’t really looked back since. So strange to think that someday he will be 2 years old. It seems so far away but I know it will be here before we know it. You have a lovely family.

  8. Megan says:

    Hope she had a great birthday! I love the chalkboard and her cute smile. 🙂

  9. mom2kaelyn says:

    I can’t believe how quickly both of them have grown! Lucy is a sweet little thing with her quiet nature. Pretty sure I’ll never know that with K! hahaha! She loves the sound of her own voice and thrives on being the center of attention.

  10. Marcy says:

    I just read this all be it a year behind. But it made me think of my 2 girls. I wasn’t suppose tho have any more kids and almost 14 years after my first here come little miss. Alas another daughter. But she was so different from the oldest. My first was quite, self amused most always for first few years anyways, oh and so overly precautious. this one will climb on the safe at 18mo old she just turned 2 yell ready set go and jump, heart racing still I’ve learned to let her be. No amount of time out, or anything is going tho stop her from doing it again. She’s a lot like her dad in the fearless aspect but loud opinionated and silly like me. They both get the loud and silly from but it’s a whole new world. Thank u for sharing that

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