DIY Twig Wreath

by Katie Nathey (email Katie) | | December 18, 2013 | 15 Comments »

Hi there! I’m Katie from Upcycled Treasures, and I am so excited to be a new contributor for OPC! Today I am sharing a super simple DIY Twig Wreath that will cost you next to nothing to make. 

diy twig star holiday wreath from upcycledtreasures and OPC

Being a fan of the great outdoors, it’s no wonder I am slightly obsessed with incorporating natural elements and rustic design into our home. This project is easy peasy and just takes a bit of patience. So grab some hot chocolate, put on your favorite holiday movie, and you will be done in no time!

Here is what you will need:

  • Wood Shims {paint sticks will also do}
  • Twigs/branches
  • Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
  • Gardening Shears {optional}
  • Fake Snow Spray
  • Ribbon

diy twig star holiday wreath from upcycledtreasures and OPC

The first thing you will want to do is collect some branches/twigs from the ground in your yard. I actually had some leftover from my DIY Twig Tree Ornament. Side note: the photo below is just a small portion of the twigs I had collected.


I like to “bake” my sticks in the oven before using them for projects. You can simply place them on a foil lined baking sheet on low {or 250 degrees} for about 30 minutes. This ensures the twigs are nice and dry, and it kills off any bugs that may be on them {eek!}.

Once the sticks were cooled off I broke them into different sizes and moved them off to the side. You could also use gardening shears for this part if you would like, especially for thicker branches/twigs.

I then took 10 Wood Shims, which were leftover from my wood shim artwork, and made a star shape by overlapping the ends. I did this project on top of kraft paper which had some “fake snow” left on it from when when I sprayed my nautical Christmas wreath.


Once I had the star shape I liked, I used my glue gun to glue all of the ends together and hold the star shape in place.


Afterwards it was time to start gluing on the twigs, yay!


I simply started gluing twigs on top of the wood shims and overlapping one another. I used different sizes to create even more texture and interest. Once I filled the top of the wood shims, I went along the edges as well.


Here is what my star looked like several twigs and glue sticks later..


I then sprayed it with some “fake snow”.



Rather than use a wreath holder, I attached some ribbon, a pretty bow and hung it from a nail on the door. Here is what she looked like all finished:

diy twig star holiday wreath from upcycledtreasures and OPC

So if you are looking for a fun and affordable holiday wreath then this is a great option! Plus you can follow the same guidelines and make any other shape, a monogrammed letter, a snowflake, etc. The possibilities are endless!

My sister liked this one so much I let her keep it. What do you think?



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