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Glass Painting Ideas with an Antique Window

Glass Painting Ideas with an Antique Window

by Jocie Hagan (email Jocie) | | August 28, 2013 | 11 Comments »

I know, I know… I love creative glass painting ideas, and I’ve had this one in the works for several months!  This was made with a similar method to my nautical frame using glass paint pens but this project was my original concept/hope for the method.

Window Art using paint and antique knobs - from One Project Closer

I was inspired to use a window and paint when I saw something similar at the Hometalk meetup at Lucketts. That was forever ago, I know. But I couldn’t find a window without panes for a long time. I finally found one at Second Chance…its similar to the Habitat ReStore but bigger and you can bargain. I think I paid about $13 – it was super dirty but appeared to be in good condition.

Wooden Antique Window - OPC

Then, I created a printable with the saying, “Do Small Things with Great Love” by Mother Teresa. I enlarged it to fit the space. If you right click and save the image below, you can print it also! :)

Do Small Things with Great Love Printable from OPC

I placed the printed image underneath the clean window (with rubbing alcohol) and traced the image. I used my fancy and spectacular new Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints and gloss enamels brushes. Glass paint brushes are softer and worth the little extra expense for sure. In the past, I have used paint pens, and while easier for the novice, don’t provide the same coverage.

Once dry, I added a second coat of paint to any thin areas.

Americana Multi-surface Satin paints

Probably the most amazing part of this project are the antique door knobs. I had planned to use some sort of fancy knob from the beginning, but one day Ethan’s uncle sent him home with 5 beautiful, amazing glass knobs just in case I wanted them. Ummmm, YES!!!

Ethan was kind enough to buy some 10mm bolts and attach the knobs for me. xoxo I really do love that man!

Antique Glass Door Knobs

And just when I couldn’t love him anymore, he took another trip to Home Depot to buy keyhole hooks to securely hang it on the wall. That sucker isn’t going anywhere.

So gorgeous!

Painted Antique Window with Glass Knobs with free printable - One Project Closer

Painted Antique Window with Glass Knobs with free printable - One Project Closer

Painted Antique Window with Glass Knobs with free printable - One Project Closer

Painted Antique Window with Glass Knobs with free printable - One Project Closer

What do you think? What’s on your glass paint project list?

Thanks so much for reading along about my fabulous glass paint ideas using an antique window,

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Conversation on This Article

11 Responses to Glass Painting Ideas with an Antique Window

  • Liz Marie @ Liz Marie Blog responds...
    August 28th, 2013 8:32 am

    O my goodness, I LOVE THIS!! I am going to do something like this for our front entryway… you are amazing love! Hope you are having a great week :) xx


  • cbadaracco responds...
    August 28th, 2013 10:51 am

    OH my! I want one of these badly!! I was trying to find a hook “system” that I like for the girls school bags, jackets, etc. and I think I have finally found it!! Thanks for the great idea, Jocie!


  • Vanessa responds...
    August 28th, 2013 1:49 pm

    Ok, that is absolutely AMAZING! I want one exactly like that for my house and I so rarely want an exact copy of something. LOVE!


  • jenny@birdsandsoap responds...
    August 28th, 2013 3:25 pm

    I love this project! I need some old windows, stat! The quote is perfect and the crystal doorknobs add so much charm!


  • SheilaG @ Plum Doodles responds...
    August 28th, 2013 3:42 pm

    It’s beautiful, Jocie! I have a couple of windows that I want to do something with, but they have panes and I’m trying to figure out what will work on them.


  • Jacque responds...
    August 28th, 2013 7:25 pm

    I adore this project! If there was a way for me to snag it from you I would in a heartbeat!


  • DeDe responds...
    August 28th, 2013 8:29 pm

    I love it! I just received a cabinet glass panel from my neighbor, now I have some inspiration for it! Pinning!


  • Ashley responds...
    August 28th, 2013 8:29 pm

    Love this! What an excellent use of the old window! It looks great!


  • JustME responds...
    August 31st, 2013 12:58 pm

    Jocie, this is just so adorable! But ofcourse, as always, your daughter steels the show. I’m so happy you share your little darlings with us when sharing your craft projects. And what an awesome Uncle Ethan has!


  • Window Art using paint and ant | Quotes ~ Word that Speaks responds...
    December 28th, 2013 2:51 pm
  • Shelly responds...
    July 27th, 2014 4:15 pm

    Hey there! I just wanted to stop by to let you know I am featuring this lovely printable today on my blog, via Hometalk. If you’d like to check it out here’s the link for my blog post:
    and the Hometallk clipboard:

    Hometalk asked me to curate this board and they will be sharing it on their email and social platforms! I’m now following you on social media and I’d love it if you’d follow me too! Thanks!
    Shelly @ The Domestic Heart


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