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November Round Up
Jocie | December 4, 2012
November Round Up

Wow, how is November already done? Thanksgiving came and went so fast. This is by far my favorite season of the year – not so much the actual Thanksgiving and Christmas day, but the entire season of family, gratitude, celebrating our faith – I love it all! We had another wonderful month here at the Better Half and OPC, making some cool projects and hanging out on other blogs too. Here were the highlights in case you missed it the first time around. Giveaway & The Humble Brag Our link parties are still going strong and this... 

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October Round Up!
Jocie | November 1, 2012

October was a pretty exciting month for us here at The Better Half. For starters, I quit my day job and am now a full-time blogger. Kinda cool… and scary! Lots of other fun stuff happened this month and in case, you missed it, here is what we have been up to here at The Better Half! The Humble Brag The weekly link parties came back this October and have been going strong! Have you come and linked up?   We have also been giving one lucky featured link FREE ad space for a week. Here were our winners this month: This was our first... 

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OPC and Hurricane Sandy
Jocie | October 29, 2012

Hey friends! I’m sure you have heard that Hurricane Sandy is headed for the East Coast. She is strong, severe, and of a different magnitude than we have seen before. We live just west of Baltimore and while we are not expected to get the worst, it doesn’t look good. We expect to lose power, have flooding, have lots of trees down, and probably road closures. I pray this is the worst. The area school have closed in anticipation, in addition to many businesses. Many people are scared and worried about what Sandy will mean –... 

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What You May Not Know About Jocie and The Better Half
Jocie | October 18, 2012

Ever wonder what I did BEFORE blogging? My favorite colors? TV shows? Did you know you can get free stuff just by visiting The Better Half? We’re recently welcomed a lot of new followers and we’re so glad to have you, along with our old friends! Since you may not have heard the answers to a lot of these questions, and maybe you have more questions, I wanted to fill you in… (Make sure you read to the bottom for some exciting news about perks!) Get to Know JocieMy real name is Jocelyn, but I have always gone by Jocie,... 

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September’s OVER?!?!
Jocie | September 28, 2012

I have no clue where September went! Seriously, it was just August and I was laying on a beach in Jamaica, sippin’ drinks, getting my tan on. Now I am back to being pale and freckly, and the weather has started cooling down (no complaint there). In case, you missed September too, here is what we have been up to here at The Better Half! Before and After Summer Series Our Before and After Summer Series supporting Habitat for Humanity finished its 14 week run and it was a HUGE success! Stay tuned  - on Monday, all our weekly winners... 

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