Holiday Spirit DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

November 5, 2015 | by Jocie (email) |

DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils from One Project Closer

Christmas is my favorite time of year (not really that unique, I know), but mostly because I love giving gifts. Seriously, as I’ve gotten older getting gifts hasn’t mattered as much. But I really love giving thoughtful, homemade gifts. This super easy DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils is just the gift to keep in your back pocket for a hostess gift or anytime gift!

In case you haven’t tried the awesomeness of sugar scrubs… a sugar scrub is great for hands and feet (although in desperate winter times I also use it on my legs). After washing, I rub about a tablespoon on my hand for one minute, then rinse. The sugar exfoliates and the Olive Oil moisturizes the skins, leaving it baby soft. I often follow it up with some DIY Lotion Bar with Essential Oils while the pores are open and warm!

Young Living Essential Oils

Since the Holidays are coming, I’ve used my favorite Essential Oils in this recipe that don’t just smell wonderful, but also have lots of other great benefits. I chose Orange, Frankincense, and Christmas Spirit and I can’t even tell you how amazing it smells. I also make sure to suck in some deeps breaths, breathing in all the aromatherapy goodness.

DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils from One Project Closer

Holiday Spirit Sugar Scrub

You know what else is great about this recipe because the luxurious Essential Oils? It is fool-proof. Whenever I make it, it’s a little different every time and rarely do I measure anything. So if it doesn’t seem like there’s enough oil, add a little more. Not enough smell, add one or two more drops of Essential Oil. Too oily, add a little more sugar! BOOM!

And while this makes a great gift, don’t forget to make one for yourself.

Holiday Spirit Sugar Scrub
Yields 4
Pamper your hands and feet with this festive and soothing sugar scrub, great for dry, winter hands!
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 2 1/2 cups Turbinado sugar
  2. About 8 ounces of a olive oil
  3. 15 drops Christmas Spirit essential oil
  4. 5 drops Orange essential oil
  5. 8 dropsFrankincense essential oil
  6. Optional: add a few drops of Cinnamon Bark essential oil for an extra spice smell
  1. In a medium mixing bowl, pour olive oil and stir in Essential oils. Add turbinado sugar and stir until mixed. Divide into glass jars with lids. ENJOY!
Adapted from Unskinny Boppy
Adapted from Unskinny Boppy
One Project Closer

DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils from One Project Closer

DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils from One Project Closer

What do you think? What are you favorite scents for DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils?

As Always, thanks for reading!


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5 Responses
  1. Jackie says:

    I made this and it smelled really good, except for the olive oil gave it a little bit of a strange scent. It works great too. I think next time I’ll just use almond oil or something that doesn’t overpower the essential oils. Olive oil works great though for anything I make just for myself though since it’s much cheaper than most other oils! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Debbie says:

    What is turbinado sugar?

  3. Rachael Maguire says:

    I didn’t know what Turbinado Cane Sugar was either, but it turns out I had bought some last weekend (and didn’t notice that was part of the name…lol)!

    I made a lemon sugar scrub at an oil class I hosted on Sunday and it’s amazing! Larger granules of sugar, so more exfoliating action.

    I googled it and came up with a much more “official” response…:
    “A popular name for this sugar is “sugar in the raw.” Turbinado sugar is from pure cane sugar extract. The term turbinado comes from the technique used in the making of this sugar. The sugar is spun in a cylinder or turbine. Turbinado sugar is brown looking like brown sugar, but paler in color with a subtle molasses flavor.” 🙂

  4. Rita Barker says:

    I use sunflower oil. All the benefits without the olive oil smell and its not expensive. I’ve also used Jasmine, Orange or Bergamot essential oils.

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