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 Thank you so much for visiting One Project Closer for this fun and Valentine’s Day themed Hand Lettered Netflix and Chill Printable and SVG Tutorial! This project is also part of a LOVE themed hop so be sure to read to the end for lots of other great hand lettering projects and printables.

I’m pretty excited about this project because it comes with a story. A really good story. But before I tell you, I feel like I need to give a disclaimer. First, know that I literally have the coolest parents on the planet. We live two doors down from them. We play cards at least one night a week. My dad is goofy, makes lots of ridiculous dad jokes, and enjoys when I’m outlandish and off-color. All the while, my mom rolls her eyes at all us fools but secretly enjoys all the foolishness. Second, my parents really love each other. I mean, really. It’s actually kind of gross because my dad especially enjoys still hitting on my mom and making us all gag a little. Lastly, I’m their favorite. Okay, maybe they love my brother and sister as much as me, but I have no problem claiming the title of “favorite” and I stand by that.

Now you have a little back story to know I’m not completely a jerk (okay, maybe I’m a little bit of a jerk), but here we go…

This past summer, we took an adults only vacation to Jamaica with my parents (left) and my sister and her husband (center). We had a magical time with lots of sun, drinks and laughs. Aren’t we the cutest?

One night, we were waiting for dinner and this cute, little couple walked up with shirts that said, “married AF.” I chuckled and told them how much I liked the shirts. My dad, who’s usually pretty keyed into pop culture, asked what “AF” meant. I hesitated to use the “f-word” in word of my mother since she’s so sweet and kind all the time. But I went ahead and told them what it meant and they shared in the chuckle and cuteness of the shirt. My parents continued on with the evening (and life) without giving it another thought.

Not me.

I literally kept replaying that moment with absolute shame. SHAME. What had I done??? I let pass an amazing opportunity to prank the hell out of my parents. My sister, brother-in-law, hubs, and I sat around that fateful night and discussed this. At length. We should have said AF means “and fun” ….or I don’t know…. ANYTHING. Anything but the truth.

I hate myself.

My parents could have learned a fake pop culture term and used it wrong. In public. It would have been my most epic (and most evil) triumph of my life. But no. I told the truth.

As we continued to talk, we decided this wrong HAD TO BE righted. 

We threw out lots of ideas. We talked about telling them that “RBF” meant “really big feelings.” In fact, I have worked that into conversation a few times, so much so it has sorta stuck for me personally. LOL. (Sorry, Mom and Dad! I’ll tell you later what it really means.) But in the end, we didn’t want my parents to accidentally say something mean, unkind or too over the line (if that’s even a thing), so RBF went off the table.

There were lots of other ideas, but in the end we decided to hang our hat upon “Netflix and Chill.” It’s perfect. They DO like Netflix, and they enjoy chilling with each other, so they wouldn’t give it a second thought.

And so began our scheming.

The plan was simple. Build the phrase into as much conversation as possible, while still keeping it natural. We told common friends at church to also build it into conversation with my parents. I made fake Facebook posts (that only my friends and parents to could see) with my friends and I “Netflix and chilling.”

All of this would culminate at Christmas. 

We gave them a Netflix gift basket, complete with a Netflix gift card, popcorn, candy, a bottle of Ménage à Trois Wine (Oh, yes. We did.), and some hand-lettered “Netflix and Chill” t-shirts.

It was everything I dreamed of. They even were so nice to try them on for us. Aren’t they adorable? (Oh, and that’s my beautiful niece DYING behind them. LOL)

I’d love to say my parent wore their t-shirts every day and tons of people applauded when they saw them. Not just because the shirts were so amazing, but also because those are some awesome grandparents.

But alas. That didn’t happen. They did text me one day that they both wore their shirts to do some crazy deep cleaning in the house.

This past week, I caved and told them. Thankfully, they both laughed pretty hard (See point number 3: I am the favorite). I’m pretty sure my dad is significantly more likely to wear the shirt now. Mom, not so much. 

Now, I bequeath you this SVG that you may go forth and prank your parents….or just make yourself one and wear it with pride!

Netflix and Chill SVG Tutorial

Make Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $10-15

Difficulty Level: Easy – Moderate

If this is your very first Silhouette project, I promise this isn’t a painful process! SVGs are cut files that you can import into your Silhouette program, adapt to the appropriate size, cut, then place on t-shirt, mug, sign, whatever your heart desires!


Grab an old t-shirt (or new one)! Wash and dry before anything else so that it doesn’t end up shrinking later. I also like to wash out any chemicals used in the manufacturing process that make it smell so funny.

Also pick out whatever color HTV you want. I tend to order mine online at Expressions Vinyl if I have planned ahead. Otherwise, I buy Silhouette brand from Michael’s.


Download and import the SVG into Silhouette Studio. Here is the free printable and the SVG is exclusively available to my newsletter subscribers (because that’s the only way I can get the SVG to you). You can sign up below and we hope you ENJOY!!!

*Printables are for personal use only and may not be altered, sold, or claimed as your own.

This SVG would also be super cute on a bag, mug, whatever. I have two versions available – one with distressing and one without!

Don’t give up on this easy art project yet, but if you want the FREE printable  versions of this piece of art AND the free SVG cut file, sign up for my newsletter! My subscribers get unlimited access to tons of free printables and SVGs anytime they want them. 


Once the SVG is in Silhouette, check the size and cut settings. When using HTV, be sure to mirror the image!! Cut and weed! I usually use my X-acto blade to weed but I’m sure there are better tools. LOL

If using the distressed version, weeding that is a bit of a pain. You can use blue tape or even a section of the discarded HTV backing to pull some of the small bits away. But honestly, it ends up being a labor of love and takes a good bit of time to weed. But does turn out super cute if you stick with it!


Use an iron to transfer the design. I use a clean undershirt in between the transfer and the iron to protect the plastic from melting to the iron. Slowly pull up the corners and if any HTV is still stuck to the backing, replace and heat for 10 more seconds.



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