Re-Routing Plumbing for Wall Removal – Part 4

June 2, 2010 | by Kim (email) |

Day 6

It’s Day 6 of our Load-Bearing Wall removal project; however, the majority of the effort this day was spent on the Pantry Removal “side-project” we threw in while our contractor was here.  Which turned out to be a major effort in itself.

Today saw the relocation of our pantry wall’s plumbing and the beginning of drywall finishing both there and in the rooms affected by the new doorway in our load-bearing wall.  This renovation project is almost complete!



For those who haven’t read my prior post, we’re removing our pantry in order to visually open up the transition between our Kitchen and our Foyer and Dining Room.  We’ll work a pantry cabinet in somewhere else, but having it right at the corner just wasn’t the best location.  But when our contractors removed the drywall and studs, they discovered that our upstairs hot and cold water lines and an electrical line ran up through the two pantry walls.

Plumbing Start Location

We had the electric moved the other day, and today was the plumber’s turn.

Looking at everything else that was already behind that wall, we decided that the best (least involved, least expensive) way to handle the plumbing issue was to create a bulkhead to house the top part of the lines, run them to the right and then behind the wall,  and to re-route the bottoms under the kitchen floor, right above our furnace and water heater.  We have bulkheads above most of our upper cabinets, so this new one was designed to match those.

It took half a day, and while the plumber moved the lines, our carpenter pre-fabricated the bulkhead, so it could be installed in one piece upon plumbing completion.

Plumbing – Bulkhead Creation

Plumbing Pipe Cut

Plumbing Sweat Solder

Plumbing New Location Behind Bulkhead

Plumbing - Bulkhead Pre-Constructed

Plumbing New Location

Plumbing – Under the Floor

Plumbing Floor Pre-Removal

Plumbing Start Location Under the Floor


Plumbing New Location Under Floor




About mid-day, the drywallers arrived to begin finishing the new doorway walls, fix the patches we started back in December when we removed all the other walls, and then finish the wall and bulkhead where the pantry was removed.

Drywall Corner Bead

Drywall Bulkhead Finishing

Drywall Pantry Removed

We’re looking at one more day of drywall finishing before this phase of our summer renovations is done.  Next on the list: hardwood flooring throughout our first floor.  Following that: new kitchen cabinets and countertops!



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