Giveaway: Get Organized with a Sweet 17in. Husky Tool Tote

March 2, 2012 | by Fred (email) |

We’re huge fans of easy-access portable tool storage. It’s nice to be able to see all of the tools you’ve brought with you to a job. It’s also nice to quickly pick exactly what you need from your tool collection without fumbling through the bottom bin of a traditional tool box. We have two Husky brand tool totes we carry around on all of our projects, and we love them.

So today we’ve decided to give away two of these nifty Husky 17″ Tool Totes to two lucky winners! This contest is an easy one, and you don’t even have to be a member of our Project Rewards Program. (But you should be a member anyway, because if you were, you’d also get 5 project points for your comment that you could use to bid on more free stuff in our Rewards Center! So why not sign up for an account before entering?)

  • How to Enter: Leave a comment on this article telling us what your next big project is! Be sure your email address is correct, since that’s how we’ll notify you if you win.
  • Deadline: Thursday, March 15, 2012.
  • Number of Entries: One entry per person/per household.
  • Restrictions: You must be 18 or older. You must have a continental U.S. shipping address. (Sorry to our Canadian, Aussie, and UK readers…)

Next Friday, we’ll be picking two winners at random from all of the comments left on this article. Good luck!


Unexpected Pro-Follow Coming this Monday: A new one day project “sprung up” this week over at Ethan’s and Jocie’s house. A leaky water pipe buried in their front yard treated them to a marshy lawn and a higher-than-usual water bill. They had to call in a master plumber for this one! It was an unfortunately expensive fix, but Ethan made the best of it. He took a lot of pictures and captured the entire project as a Pro-Follow covering how a plumber tackles that situation. Stay tuned on Monday for the details.

You can always see our ongoing Pro-Follows, including the current deck build and basement finishing projects, right here.
53 Responses
  1. Nate Gilbert says:

    Possibley selling our house and moving to a new one so my biggest projects right now will probably be getting the house in shape for sale. After that, either a dining room table or a coffee table.

  2. Icarus says:

    I have the Craftman version of this. It’s more square and doesn’t have the same inside pockets, just straps. I wouldn’t mind one of these just though.

    My next project is building a stealth cat litter box.

  3. haus356 says:

    Well, my next big project is painting my daughter’s room, which includes an accent wall with coordinating squares (to match her bedspread). However, this tool tote would come in very handy when I start organizing my garage and building the workbenches, storage area above the garage doors, and wall-mounted folding tool cabinet!

  4. sandra says:

    recarpeting the basement

  5. tess says:

    my husband could use this at work everyday he is an electrian but our big project at our house is fixing the roof deck
    tcogbill at live dot com

  6. Judy Woodruff says:

    Our next big project is a bathroom remodel. Take out a garden tub and linen closet, and move existing shower to that space. Make existing shower a large closet.

  7. Dennis Russell says:

    Remodel bathroom

  8. Kat Emerick says:

    My next new project is putting in a new kitchen sink and bathroom toilet.

  9. tooltim says:

    My next big project is rebuilding a storage shed and repairing privacy fencing destroyed by a fallen 70 foot oak tree after last summers hurricane.

  10. ckstevenson says:

    Next three projects are: replacing all the plywood on my shed, finishing the basement, and redoing our kitchen.

    Love the tips on the site (the shed build stuff was rather timely for me), always helpful resources.

  11. Jake says:

    I’m buying a house, so there will be plenty of projects coming up for me. The bg ones are to replace a few deck board and repaint/stain the deck, and replace a lot of trim on the outbuilding.

  12. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Our next big project is to refinish and old desk I found at a garage sale for one on my kids rooms

  13. woodcrafts says:

    My Next Project is to set up my Basemant and Garage for my Wood Shop, trying to figure out where I should place everything, my Truck will have to set out sid since the Machines and Tools have the right for the space I need to have a shop. I will like to have a working space so I will not have to carry the material up and down the stairs, a way that I can move everything so when the Project is done I can back my truck up to load it and take it to where ever it need to go , and I can start my next Project, Looking for ideas and lay outs how to set up everything.

    Thank You

  14. LeeAnn P. says:

    Next project is getting the house ready to rent out so we can move! Lots of touch ups, cosmetic fixes and a new carpet in the downstairs bedroom need to be done before it’ll be ready for tenants!

  15. Rick Bryant says:

    I plan on moving. Lots of things to dismantle and then once moved put back together/repair!

  16. Paul&Aundrea says:

    Our next project will be to replace the old, yellowed, noisy fan lights in both our bathrooms. Have you ever done a tutorial on that? We’re a little nervous since it is more complicated than switching out a regular light fixture.

  17. brbtr says:

    Small project – add a window unit in wall of my shed/workship.
    Big project – kitchen/den/dining room remodel.

  18. mr7566 says:

    when it gets alittle warmer, I will install a bathroom vent fan.

  19. Hugh says:

    Replacing a leaky faucet in my kitchen is my next project.

  20. Mary says:

    Expanding the bathroom (yes, sadly we only have one). It is going to be a challenge, but I am up for it…especially the results!

  21. Dan says:

    Looks like it would be possible to make this tote pretty heavy in a hurry!
    But it would be great for building and installing the set of bookshelves that I have all of the materials for, but not yet the time to craft them!

  22. Michele says:

    This Husky Tool Tote would do wonders for me and my family. My next big project is building my niece a tree house just like the one I have always wanted growing up. It will be pink and Wizard of Oz themed, since that is my niece’s favorite movie and current obsession. As we want to have the tree house well insulated we will be creating a custom door and two custom windows with a copper roof. This tote would help with keeping all of our tools organized and our project on track.

  23. Sunshyn V says:

    Our next big project is remodeling the bathroom, starting with adding a pocket door.

  24. Joe says:

    Refinish the kitchen cabinets

  25. Kim Bolzenthal says:

    That would sure be handy for projects. I am going to makeover my downstairs room into a crafting studio. It was 2 bedrooms I ripped out the closet wall already.

  26. dadskills says:

    next project is to turn the space under the stairs in my sons house into a pantry with a built in cabinet, lots of angles to deal with should be fun

  27. twelve30 says:

    Redoing our guest bath. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Mike Butts says:

    Removing 97 layers of wallpaper in dining room.

  29. scottc says:

    Buying a fixer-upper, where to start? First is the clean-out. And then… Wood siding repair. Window repair. Glass block in the basement windows. The list is long…

  30. Sue D says:

    We have been working on a fixer upper house on property we bought–plenty of projects to work on.

  31. Ashley says:

    We’re going to be building my husband a new computer desk and working on unpacking the rest of our house!

  32. Sue L says:

    I need to re-model my bathroom soon… the pipes are old, and leaky,the old tub is not deep enough to soak in, there’s currently no storage space at all, and the layout is all wrong for a teeny tiny bathroom….

  33. Very handy.I would like one

  34. Betty says:

    Our next project is fixing the back yard fence.

  35. Cindi says:

    Our next big project is helping our son work on his
    first home!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  36. Larry Kroesing says:

    The next big project I have is a remodel of the master bath to install a soaker tub and corner shower as well as a new sink and custom built cabinets. This would work well to keep the multitude of tools handy and organized.

  37. Schmidty says:

    New bookshelves.

  38. byeedo says:

    Either refinishing the dining room table or remodeling the bedroom closet.

  39. MJ Moore says:

    Our next big project is fixing our bath tub, where it’s sagging.

  40. James says:

    Wife has been yapping at me about removing the popcorn from our ceilings. 1979 was such a tasteful year. I hate my HoneyDo list. When I look at this tote, I just see a great way to carry beer. Is it waterproof to keep the ice from leaking?

  41. William says:

    My next one will be a bunk bed for my son. Either bought or built b

  42. Eek565 says:

    We did a complete master bath remodel last summer / fall. This spring we’re on to tackle the guest bathroom.

  43. Rachel says:

    Building storage shelves for our utility room/workshop.

  44. Paul says:

    Brick back patio.

  45. beth says:

    My next big project is to completely redo my closet ( new shelving) then to put new flooring in my bedroom , make a headboard and paint.Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Awesome giveaway!!! I would LOVE to win this.

    My next big project is a laundry room renovation! I’m moving the washer and dryer about 8′ down the wall and building a bench and storage. It will be so fab!

  47. Anthony G says:

    Great stuff! My next big project is the bathroom. New vanity, flooring, bathtub, and shower walls. It will be a big project!

  48. Katie says:

    My next big project is finishing all the projects I started. I’m starting with the kitchen back splash.

  49. Stephen says:

    next big project is tiling my kitchen floor, and laundry room

  50. Clay says:

    My next projects are garage storage shelves and new doors for the shed, but the next big one will probably be replacing all th windows in th house.

  51. rtheriot says:

    Next big Project will be my biggest yet – a shed in the backyard – I love the follow you guys did but I’m probably going to do a simpler flat / slant roof design.

  52. Care says:


    In case you are feeling generous and want to let me enter one day late, here goes. My next project is a wood shop shed in the field next to my house. I am hoping to make it a two story shed and devote the second story to a play area for my kids. I am choosing between plans now and will eventually customize whichever plan I select so as to include a “secret floor door” between the shop and the upstairs play area and an outside primary entrance to the second floor so my kids can access the second floor without going through the wood shop. The “secret floor door” is for me, as I love secret entrances.

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