Rockwell Sonicrafter and ShopSeries Sonictool

October 25, 2012 | by Ethan (email) |

Pro-Follow Update: Joe Bianco and his crew have passed the plumbing, electric and framing inspection on the basement remodel. The guys will be hanging and finishing drywall the next few days and hope to be finished by Sunday. I’m still keeping tabs on the in-law addition with Steve Wartman. His guys are painting and tackling the odds-and-ends associated with completing the project. Look for final pictures when they’re finished.

About a month ago I shared a first look at the all new Rockwell Sonicrafter X2, and I think it’s an impressive oscillating multi-tool (OMT). It has one of the most powerful motors currently available, tool-free accessory changes, universal accessory fit and a waterproof hard case with storage.

Rockwell recognizes that not everyone needs all these “bells and whistles” so they’ve also introduced two other models at lower price points. The good news is that both the Shopseries Sonictool and Sonicrafter feature the Universal Fit System that allow these tools to take advantage of competitor’s accessories. Here’s how the three units compare.

Sonictool SS5120
Sonicrafter RK5139K
Sonicrafter X2
Motor2.3 Amp2.5 Amp3.0 Amp
Oscillations per Minute11,000 - 20,00011,000 - 20,00011,000 - 20,000
Universal Accessory FitYesYesYes
Hyperlock Quick-ReleaseNoYesYes
Hard CaseNoYesYes
Vacuum PortYesNoNo
Included AccessoriesBi-metal end-cut blade, HSS semicircle saw blade, sanding pad, (3) sanding sheetsBi-metal end-cut blade, HSS semicircle saw blade, rigid scraper blade, sanding pad, (3) sanding sheetsBi-metal end-cut blade, HSS semicircle saw blade, rigid scraper blade, sanding pad, (3) sanding sheets, carbide semicircle blade and Sonishear
Weight (lb)3.203.603.30
Warranty2 Yr Limited2 Yr Limited2 Yr Limited

ShopSeries Sonictool

The Sonictool is the economy model, and it looks to be a direct competitor with SKIL’s 2.0 Amp OMT which also features a dust port. However, at $30 cheaper, Rockwell blows SKIL out of the water.

Aside from the lower amp motor, the main disadvantage of the Sonictool is the lack of tool-free accessory changes. Rockwell incorporated a holder for the Allen wrench near the dust port for blade changes. Again, this unit is compatible with Rockwell accessories and every competitor’s accessories too.


The Sonicrafter is very similar to its big brother the Sonicrafter X2. They both feature the same case, Hyperlock tool-free accessory changes, Universal accessory fit, and nearly identical specifications. The Sonicrafter is a great option if you want to save a few bucks, and you can sacrifice a little power. I expect this generation of the Sonicrafter to be very popular.

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14 Responses
  1. paintergal says:

    Love that this is offered in your Rewards Center!

  2. poiboybf says:

    Seems like a nice product line. It’s nice when industries can play nice enough to make something like “universal accessory” a reality. Economically, I wonder why they do that, but I am thankful.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for the compliment. We at Rockwell didn’t think it made sense that Oscillating tools were the only power tools on the market that didn’t accept any brand of accessory. It was really about doing what would work best for the user of our tools and not trying to hold them captive to buy only our blades. Power tools are about getting the job done and you can’t do that if you have to take the time to find and then drive across town to get blades to fit on a tool that only takes one brand of accessory… Craig, VP of Marketing Rockwell Tools

  3. JMPyle says:

    I’ll have to check it out. I’d like to have a cord version of one of these to go with my battery powered Milwaukee.

  4. Reuben says:

    I dunno. I don’t get why anyone would buy the middle version when the top of the line model is only an extra 30 bones.

    • Brady says:

      Exactly the comment I was going to make. $30 for extra power and more accessories. Seems like a no brainer.

    • Icarus says:

      Depending on where you are in life, 30 bones can make a huge difference in your budget. Or perhaps you’re an apartment dweller and don’t need all the accessories.

  5. MissFixIt says:

    I was so happy to see this offered in the rewards. As I mentioned on the review post of the Rockwell X2 the builder put the baseboards on then tiled so the baseboards are below the tile! They are short and need to be replaced and this is just the tool to cut them out!

  6. trebor says:

    How do these work as just pure sanders? I know they’re bought for more than just that but would someone also need orbital sanders or something for heavy sanding?

    • Ethan says:

      Great question Trebor. We’ve actually had a disappointing experience with OMT’s in general for sanding for extended periods of time. We’ve found that the sanding pads melt to the sanding block. I haven’t tried it out with the new Rockwell OMT’s yet. That’ll definitely be a part of future reviews.

  7. supimeister says:


    i am still debating in my mind if one of these is worthwhile…

  8. Andy Guy says:

    Were can I buy Rockwell blade PW9223 35mm blades

  9. Andy Guy says:

    Were can I buy RW9123 blades

  10. HANDYMAN51 says:

    Nice that these also allow use of other brand’s attachments, and also tool less attachment on the pricier models.

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