Total Kitchen Remodel Completed

January 8, 2013 | by Ethan (email) |

With the break for the holidays, this kitchen remodel took several weeks to complete. However, it feels like it moved much quicker, and now Joe and his crews are adding the final touches before this project is completely finished. It was a lot of fun to see this kitchen come together, and the transformation was incredible. The new floor, cabinetry, kitchen hardware and countertops look beautiful, and I especially love the tile selection.

The Pro-Follows born out of this kitchen remodel were fantastic, and it was great to get a contractors perspective (and experience) for tasks like preparing the floor for tile and installing Ditra underlayment. Today’s article is a quick recap of the work that took place with links out to additional information.

If you don’t remember, here’s what the kitchen looked like before work got started, and you can read all about the demolition at that link. Joe’s crew removed the old cabinets, flooring, decorative wall tile and light fixture. They also eliminated the mostly unused bulkhead above the cabinets.

Some of the appliances were already updated and the remaining few will be swapped out in the future. Also, the homeowners held off on tiling the backsplash for the time being.

It was really great seeing Jim from Diamond Tile work his magic on this floor, and he got started by evening the floor in preparation for tile.

Next, Jim installed Schluter Ditra underlayment which is an uncoupling membrane that will eliminate the most common causes for cracked or damaged tile. Ditra is a terrific product that Jim highly recommends, and it was great to see how a contractor uses it.

I was intrigued with all the preparation this floor required especially when you consider the many layers (OSB, mortar, Ditra-Set, Ditra, Ditra-Set, thinset, tile).

The homeowners elected to keep the same layout for the cabinets, and you can see an overview of the cabinets and countertops going in at that link.


It was cool to see how countertop installers join two pieces of granite with a nearly undetectable seam.



Here’s a look at the finished product, and Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner are thrilled with the results.





We’ve reviewed the Delta ToucH20 faucet, and you can read all about our experience at that link. Overall, I think it’s a great faucet and a great addition to this kitchen.




This was a great Pro-Follow, and as always I’m very impressed with the work of Joe and his crews. If you live in the Maryland area and are looking for a knowledgable, professional contractor, I can’t recommend Joe enough. Check out some of the other work he’s done, and then give him a call. I hope to be back on a job site with Joe soon so stay tuned for our next Pro-Follow series!

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  1. krafty237 says:

    If you don’t mind me asking…I’m curious since we have a kitchen similar in size that needs an overhaul, what was the cost of this reno, or ballpark-ish figure. It would be nice to understand the rough cost associated with the work, for those who are delving into many different options for their kitchen overhauls.

  2. trebor says:

    Man that looks great. I especially love the tile. It definitely helps that the appliances are updated, too (and that they match well).

    What usually happens with the old cabinets/cupboards?

  3. JayT says:

    The new tile and cabinetry looks really good. I am curious why the homeowners didn’t do a backsplash. A lot of time, effort and money was spent on making this kitchen look really nice, but it seems incomplete without something on the walls. Paint isn’t durable enough for repeated cleaning and scrubbing that will happen in a kitchen.

    • poiboybf says:

      Interesting. I also personally like the look of a backsplash, and they are in style right now for sure. I can see why someone may not want one though, and I could also see backsplashes going out of style in maybe 10 or 15 years. If they were planning on selling the house soonish, I’d agree with you that they should have done a backsplash, but my gut says that they will not be popular forever. Maybe I’ll be wrong. Paint on the other hand is easy to redo should it become cracked or chipped due to repeated cleaning. Interesting points.

    • Ethan says:

      I thought it was clear in the article, but they are holding off on the backsplash for now. Mr. Homeowner commented below that it’ll happen after a baby arrives.

  4. Reuben says:

    Those are really large floor tiles! No wonder so much effort went into leveling the floor!

  5. paintergal says:

    I love the look of the floor tile. I’m curious too, why they didn’t finish it off with a back splash.

  6. Mr. Homeowner says:

    We didn’t put a backsplash in because my wife is very pregnant and due any day now. We wanted to keep the construction time to a minimum.
    We will get that done after our baby arrives.

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  8. MissFixIt says:

    Much needed improvement. To say I’m Jealous is an understatement.

  9. BigChinoDon says:

    Nice series, I learned a lot. Thanks!

  10. Brady says:

    Like a lot of people these days, I’m really high on the simple Shaker style cabinet doors and drawer fronts. And, the squared off rails/stiles and un-raised panels get a nice modernish touch with the brushed metal handles. Looks great! I also like the decision to add the deep drawers instead of all cabinets under the couter top. Those work so much better for pot/pan storage in my opinion.

  11. bigredmachine says:

    I love all these remodels and I always in awe of the finished product……You guys really got it going on

  12. Ashley says:

    Oh my goodness, this kitchen is absolutely beyond gorgeous! What a fabulous job!

  13. Jeff says:

    The cabinets and tile look fantastic. You did a great job.

    Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

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